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Best Compact Coasters

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I generally don't think of wood coasters as compact, but if I had to pick one it would be American Thunder. For steel coasters, I'd say B&M's more compact designs (Batman, Superman, and smaller custom layout coasters) as well as Premier's LIM spagetti bowl coasters and Vekoma's Giant Inverted Boomerang. For traveling coasters, Schwarzkopf wins, but ignoring his designs Maurer Sohne's Xtended SC 2000 is probably the best.

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One quite compact coaster I don't think anyone's mentioned yet is Fahrenheit. I wasn't that impressed with the ride compared to anything else at Hershey, but wow is it crammed in there. It could be put many places where it would be impressive.


Batman is kind of compact but has that part sticking out. May have worked as a space-saver in its first installation but not necessarily in general. SLCs seem more a true compact coaster, cramming as much as possible into a rectangular footprint. Batman I've only ridden twice, first I was inexperienced and was blown away, 2nd I had one of those center rear seats and thought it sucked, so no real opinion. SLCs I used to love and consider a classic design (sorry!).


Of more truly compact coasters, Jet Star delivered the goods.

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Sfgam Goliath

I don't know, I really wouldn't call the "tallest, fastest and steepest" wooden coaster in the world "compact"...


Have you seen the layout of Goliath? Not only is the plot of land nearly as narrow as the width of Spacely's Sprocket Rockets, but it isn't all that long either. In fact, the length of the land that's it's going on (including the removal of part of Picnic Grove) is about the same length as the BTR clones. I would consider Goliath more of a compact coaster.

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