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Do you ride again rides that made you sick before.

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I don't often get sick on rides, but the swinging gondolas on Mickey's Fun Wheel made me want to hurl. Next time I'll choose non-swinging ones!


Me too! That swinging gondola was the worst I've ever felt on a ride. I never get motion sick from rides, so it really surprised me that I felt that bad on it.

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I stay away from anything that spins (teacups, octopus things, etc) because I just can't handle those. I've avoided any spinning mouse because of this but the next time I am at a park with one I'll have to ride it, it's been almost ten years since I've come across one haha.

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On some simulator rides, I've found that I get sick the first time around, but I'm OK the second. Might just be a matter of knowing what to expect (movies with a lot of handheld camera work make me ill, too).


But tea-cup rides--never!

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