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Photo TR: SFOG Opening Weekend 2005


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WOW!!! Went to the park yesterday and it was empty all day!! no waiting on coasters no crowded paths it was heaven!! Got a chance to talk to some "officials" about the park and whats going on in it. Even got a season pass (only 3 hours away but thats still far)!

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^^ I saw you man. We first walked in and you were setup to the right of the entry plaza taking a shot of Acrophobia, then after the Cyclone you were setup getting ready to shoot the first turn around. At first I thought you might be shooting promo pics for the park.


I was 30 minutes into a weekend trip report and X'd the tab, after closing the dictonary.com page...I'll consider typing it again later since the ticket sales/season passes made me want to shove sars infected needles into my eyes.


I also tried out my new camera. I'll put up some of the pics I thought were decent.

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Here are some of the pics I took. HP R707 5MP camera. I've never used it before.


From our weekend at Coaster Kingdom! (Anyone from RRC remember the Phish fan invasion years ago?)




Another victim of taking the pic too early




This is the best one I took, I think.



Hoooray for Ninjas!


Generic GASM shot (I actually have it on all 4 hills.)



Didn't get any shots of Superman that I really liked. This turned out dark.


Couldn't even get the whole tower in frame.


Cyclone's infamous 4th drop


1st Pic with new camera. I had a problem of taking pics too soon, as the other digi's I've used pause to focus before taking the picture. This is more obvious in other shots.

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Me and Big Al (Alicia) were there as well. My baby Cyclone was running crazy without trims. Did you see us? I remember seeing the guy with the tripod, I think he came in the park about the same time as us.


Me : Grey Carolina sweatshirt, black USC hat on, jeans.

Her : Only remotely hot girl there.


I'd post a picture of us, but I'm too lazy to leech a pic from Tommy's website. Go to www.tommyandjames.net and look at the IoA pics.

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^Yeah it was a crazy ride. The turns hurt like hell though, especially the last one into the brakes. It hurt so good.

I'd have to see your pics to know if I saw you, but out of the maybe 500 people there I'm sure we did. I was wearing a long sleeve dark blue shirt w/ grey/white stripes Saturday, and a dark green Helena Music Fest t-shirt Sunday.

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I'm technically there on business that week. I have meetings until Friday at 4pm, we are going to Dollywood on Saturday and SFOG on Sunday. Our flight leaves at 4pm Sunday so that only gives us from 10am to 2pm at SFOG on Sunday.


Unless the weather sucks and we end up not going to Dollywood (which would REALLY suck) then we would probably just go to SFOG or even Wild Adventures on Saturday.


There is a chance we can make it for the last few hours of SFOG on Saturday since they are open until 10pm, but it depends on how busy Dollywood is. We don't want to have to rush it there. Plus we need to get our kiddie credit in Pigeon Forge. If we did Wild Adventures on Saturday I don't think it would be an issue getting back to SFOG by 8pm on Saturday night to get some rides in.


I was hoping to go to SFOG on Friday night but it's closed for a private party. Too bad it's not my company (we have an office out there) and I could get tickets.

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Wow! Great pics guys! (everyone that pretty much uploaded them).


I thought I was going to get to go to SFoG next weekend with some friends and hit Wild Adventures in the same trip, unfortinutely I cant find anyone to go so maybe I'll have to make the trip another time (I took this same trip last year, it was amazing fun).


Its interesting in some of the shots of the rides, I saw new restraints? Is it only me that notices it? Acrophobia now has purple, Batman and Scorcher have black, maybe they just painted them or maybe their new, but I thought I remembered Batman having yellow, Acry having yellow, and Scorcher yellow.



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