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Favorite Comedian?


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My current favorites:


Gabriel Iglesias: He's great with voices and sound effects like Michael Winslow, and he's actually funny!


Lisa Lampanelli: People who actually think she's racist are way too uptight IMO. She's making fun of that kind of thinking, I can tell, and she's great at it. Best female comic out there today.


Also, has Jeff Dunham been doing anything at all lately? I see him as the best ventriloquist comedian out there now.

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Bo Burnham's good, "3.14 Apple Pie" is a favorite of mine. I also enjoy Stephen Lynch, Patton Oswalt, Carlin (of course), and many others. As of right now though my favorite is actually John Holmberg, the morning show host for Holmberg's Morning Sickness here in Phoenix. His ADD and crazy thoughts and impressions make for a very entertaining hour drive to work every morning.

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1. Louis C.K. The Golden God of contemporary comedy... very relocatable and very raw and in my opinion our generations Carlin.

2. Paul F Tompkins: The best voice work guy as well as an absolutely amazing standup

3. Patton Oswalt: Another favorite of mine... the nerd in me LOVES Patton!

4. Andy Daly: He doesn't do standup... but his improv work is AMAZING! Another great character actor with PFT

5. Harris Wittels: I don't know if he actually performs standup... but he is a great performer(a frequent podcaster) and is one of the head writers for one of my favorite shows... parks and recreation.


Please don't edit this part out... these are only comedy podcasts.

The Earwolf Network is an amazing place to hear up and coming comics... hosted by Scott Auckerman aka Hot Saucerman aka What's Up Hot Dog?

WTF: Marc Maron is a skilled and awesome interviewer... some awesome guests there including interviews from Robin Williams and Conan O'Brian.

Nerdist Network: Where nerdiness and comedy blend into one!

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I have a few favourites.


Lee Evans (No shows)

Michael Mcintyre (Mock the week/Michael Mcintyre's comedy roadshow)

Russel Howard (mock the week/Russel Howards good news)

Tim Michin (Pianist)

Hugh Denis (Mock the week/outnumbered)

Catherine Tate (Catherine Tate show)

David Walliams & Matt Lucas (Little Britain/Come Fly With Me)


Not quite comedians but Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are very funny in their own right. (Top Gear)

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As a small update to the list that I made some time ago, I'm going to add Natasha Leggero. She's so freakin' funny! If you don't know her by name, she's on Chelsea Lately a lot (which I don't actually watch all too often, because there's no TV in my dorm room). Hilarious woman.


Also, Patton Oswalt. I didn't like him very much for the longest time, but now I can see what I've been missing. Werewolves and Lollipops is one of the funniest comedy albums I've listened to in a long time.

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This is a tough one because comedians are so different.


I've seen Daniel Tosh's name come up a lot and I have to say that he's very quickly becoming one of my favorite comedians. His TV show is great but his stand up is even better, he's edgy but his edgy jokes seem to come when you're least expecting them. He may have the best delivery of anyone out there right now.


I've seen John Stewart mentioned as well and I love the Colbert Report and the Daily Show. They do a great job at spoofing the news (and spoofing Bill O Reilly in Colbert's case). My girlfriend and I went to a taping of the Colbert Report a few weeks ago and in addition to being really nice and really humble (when he's out of character), he's an incredibly smart guy and he's very witty. Colbert and Stewart do a great job.


Speaking of witty, I think the wittiest comedian out there may be Jim Norton. He's very edgy, he's not for everyone and I actually think his work on the radio is better than his stand up. His books are really funny too.


My favorite comedian is probably Lewis Black. It's disturbing but I think we share a brain. I love his brand of comedy. He can get a little political but that never bothered me, he actually reminds me a little of George Carlin but with more rage. lol.

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Kat Willliams and Gabrial Igalceis. Kat williams is one funny dude, I just wish he didn't have such a foul mouth. Droping the F-bomb every other word is not going to make the joke funnier, but stilll he is really funny. I also like Ralphie May.

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