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1- Six Flags Great America - Great Park, I think it's the best of the SF parks that were bought. Marriott knew how to set up a park, and SF knew how to maintain that park. Raging Bull is one of my all time favorite rides and Viper is unbelievable.


2- Kings Dominion - I just really like the atmosphere here and it's a pretty park. Dominator is my favorite coaster and it looks great here. Haven't been there for I305 but I can't wait.


3- Cedar Point - I am majorly burned out on this park. I have worked there for 5 years and it doesn't excite me as much as it should, but I can't deny their amazing ride assortment.


4- Kennywood - It's just a perfect little park. Great rides, perfect atmosphere. I just wish it wasn't in an undesirable location of Pitt.


5- Dollywood - Between Thunderhead, Mystery Mine and Tennessee Tornado, this park has a great assortment of rides and the theming is wonderful.

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1. Dollywood

2. Busch Gardens Williamsburg

3. Disneyland

4. Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park

5. SeaWorld San Diego

6. Universal Studios Hollywood

7. Six Flags Magic Mountain

8. Disney's California Adventure

9. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

10. Kings Dominion


As of this writing, I have visited every actual amusement park in California, Nevada, Tennessee, and Virginia, as well as Carowinds and Cedar Point.

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1: Cedar Point - My home park for 20 years before moving out west. Spent almost every weekend at the park throughout high school.


2: SF Magic Mountain - What I'm considering my new home park.


3: Kings Island - Second most frequented park in my history


4: Busch Gardens Williamsburg - The first park my family took me to so i would "shut up" about wanting to ride the coasters


5: Busch Gardens Tampa - Always try to make it here when in Florida


6: Islands of Adventure - Try to make it here too.


7: Michigan's Adventure - First trip with just my mom and I, good fun mommy and me time and home to one of my favorite woodies


8: Hershey Park - Included on a trip to VA with my mom and little brother, little bro's first real coaster was SDL and now he's hooked too.


9: Kings Dominion - Reason for trip to VA, got to ride Hypersonic and loved Volcano


10: Six Flags Great America - Big group of family and friends, maybe 30 of us, made the trip from Detroit. Waited 3 hours for Raging Bull as it had just opened a few months earlier.


Not too shabby for only having been to 14 parks, technically 13 because of a mall kiddie coaster

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1. Six Flags Over Texas

2. Six Flags Great Adventure

3. Lake Compounce

4. Six Flags Astroworld (RIP!)

5. Six Flags Magic Mountain

6. Six Flags Fiesta Texas

7. Six Flags New England

8. Kemah Boardwalk

9. Las Vegas

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1. King's Island- Grew up going there, TONS of childhood memories, a great collection of coasters, absolutely GORGEOUS landscaping and topography, and some of the nicest staff and best customer service of any CF park I've been to.

2. Kennywood- Once again, great use of the topography, extremely clean, great atmosphere, my personal coaster love (classic woodies), and EXELLENT customer service.

3. Holiday World- Need I say more?

4. Geauga Lake- A great amusement park with a beautiful setting. Shame that it's gone.

5. Waldameer- What this park lacks in size it makes up for in pure fun and great customer service. Ravine Flyer II is hands down one of the best woodies in the WORLD.

6. Six Flags America- That's right, I went there.

7. Cedar Point- Great collection of coasters, but the worst customer service and most overpriced of any park I visited. I'm talking approaching Fuji-Q levels of bad. Extremely hot, humid, busy day. (ON A WEDNESDAY?) They were running ONE TRAIN on MF when there was a 2 hour, 45 minute wait. 1000% Humidity and 98 degrees outside.

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Ok, so I'm going to narrow it down to my top 5, seeing as after a clear cut top 5, things get a little muddled in my head as to what order they should go in


1. Universal Studios Orlando/Islands of Adventure. I know, technically 2 parks, but they are both part of the Universal Resort, and really, can you go to just one over the other? And Universal is a great example of how there is so much more to making a fun and exciting park then just piling thrill rides on top of eachother.


2. Six Flags Fiesta Texas. It may be an odd choice, but I have a lot of very great memories from Fiesta Texas, including my first major roller coaster, Superman: Krypton Coaster.


3. Disney World (All 4 Parks). Again, like Universal Orlando, I know they are separate parks, but growing up taking the yearly trip to Disney didn't mean going to JUST Magic Kingdom or JUST Epcot, it meant going and experiencing it all. And like Universal, Disney offers more then just some quick thrills.


4. Dollywood. So Dollywood really surprised me. I have friends who live in Knoxville who decided on a whim to take me when I was in town visiting last year... Simply put, I loved everything about the park. The atmosphere and theming is fantastic. The rides seemed to naturally fit into the overall aesthetic of the park. And I fell in love with both Mystery Mine and Thunderhead, both of which remain on my top 10 list to this day.


5. Kings Island. Yes, Kings Island is a far cry from the theme park experience I love about Universal, Disney and Dollywood... but my love of it is really simple. I love the selection of rides. It has some great coasters, including my favorite wooden coaster of all time The Beast. It has a very nice and varied family/kids area. It is, in my opinion, a perfectly rounded out park.

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1. Disneyland

2. Six Flags Over Texas

3. Holiday World

4. Worlds of Fun

5. Canobie Lake (you really need to go there if you've never been!)

6. Six Flags St. Louis

7. Six Flags Great America

8. Busch Gardens Virginia/Europe/what ever they're calling it these days

9. Kings Island

10. Busch Gardens Africa

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Of the parks I've visited:


1. Kennywood. I love small parks, and this is the all-time best.

2. WDW. Best big park of all time. Lots of good memories come from this place.

3. Knoebels. Great little park with a rare, homespun charm.

4. Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Terrific major league park with great coasters, and incredible park food.

5. Hersheypark. Wonderful atmosphere for a corporate park, and great coasters to match.

6. Cedar Point. Haven't been back in years, but I always had memorable visits in the past.

7. Waldameer Park. The presence of a truly great woodie puts this park on my list.

8. Idlewild Park. It may mostly be for kids, but even adults can enjoy the ambiance and the classic rides.

9. Marineland. I chose this for the combo of the surprisingly entertaining shows, and the wonderful Arcade I saw there when I was a kid.

10. The NY State Fair. I think this deserves an honorable mention. Lots of flats, combined with great food, shows, and exhibits, all in one large space. It's the perfect capper to the summer up here.

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I visited Chessington World At Adventures yesterday with my family. We were thoroughly disappointed. We felt that we had completely wasted our money. Instead of being a nice, fun, stress free family day out it was a boring, stressful, disappointing, frustrating day out that left us all feeling exhausted and annoyed and bitterly disappointed. We were not disappointed at the park itself, it was the way Chessington is run. We arrived at the park when it opens thinking that we would have plenty of time to get everything in you have to offer. Instead we managed to get on five rides in total and some of my other family members only two. This was due to the insanely large queues and a staggering lack of information of what was going on. The queue for the Vampire Ride was 90 minutes long, but because we wanted to go on it we decided to queue up. As we waited in the queue more and more people were exiting so we asked what was going on, they informed us that the ride had broken down and that we had a two hour wait to go on the ride. Non of Chessington's staff were there to tell us this helpful information, so lots and lots of people (including us) were left not knowing what was going on and wasting valuable time queueing up for a ride that was not even working. Because of this we could not go on the Vampire ride, which we so badly wanted to go on. We queued up for an hour to go on the bubble works. As we neared the end of the queue to go on, we were left standing there for half an hour because non of your staff were there to let us on to the ride. It was only because one of my family members took it into her own hands to go and find someone that we managed after an hour to get on Bubbleworks. We eventually found out that the bubbleworks had broken down. So during the day two rides had broken down and no one and I repeat no one informed us. The most upsetting and financially painful thing was that you force people to buy ridiculously overpriced fast track tickets so that we can get somewhere in the queues, as if we dont pay enough to get in in the first place. Due to the overcrowded queue areas and lack of staff, if anything were to happen that could harm us we would not be able to get out because of the amount of people which was scary.

Another thing that was disgraceful was the fact that all the staff we saw never seemed to know what was going on and very rude and incredibly unhelpful.

Sanitary conditions were absolutely foul. Toilet facilities were shocking, throughout the whole day we saw no cleaners and it was clear they had not been cleaned all day long. Toilets were overflowing and blocked and the smell made you feel sick. In one queue for a ride there was very old human faeces on the floor that your staff had failed to notice until we informed them. We did not see one of your staff picking up litter all day and the park was strewn with food rubbish, water bottles and general rubbish people had dropped.

On our way home out of Chessington car park we were shocked at the state of the road surface. The car park was littered with pot holes that could easily damage a car if hit wrong. It was also dusty and uneven to walk on which would be a hazard for the elderly and disabled.

It was unbelievable that you seem to charge extra for everything. Due to the economic difficulties that everyone is struggling with in today's world it makes going to Chessington out of the question as it was a complete waste of money. I have previously gone to Thorpe Park a few months ago, and i will continue to go to Thorpe Park. It is run so much better and I actually had an amazing, memorable day with my friends at Thorpe Park rather than a stressful, disappointing, exhausting day out at Chessington. I will never again waste my hard earned money to go to Chessington again. As i said earlier, it was not the park/rides iteself, they are great fun, it was the way it was shoddily run that ruined out day out.

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