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1. Knoebels (the true happiest place on Earth, IMO)

2. (tie) Kennywood

2. (tie) Blackpool Pleasure Beach

4. Lakeside (Denver)

5. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

6. Holiday World

7. Pleasureland Southport (RIP)

8. Indiana Beach

9. Conneaut Lake Park

10. Lake Winnepesaukah



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10. Coney Island (My home)

9. Six Flags New England

8. La Ronde

7. The Great Escape

6. Lake Compounce

5. Six Flags Great Adventure

4. LaQua

3. Knoebels

2. Walt Disney World

1. Tokyo Disneyland Resort


-Dainan "Most dissapointing: Fuji-Q" Rafferty

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these are the only amusement parks i've been to


paramount canada's wonderland

cedar point

paramount king's dominion

canobie lake park

martin's fantasy island

six flags darien lake


i've also been to epcot and magic kingdom but that was like 15 years ago and I don't remember much...lol


and i went to crystal beach but then it closed when i was 5 or something


My, how times have changed!


1. Magic Kingdom

2. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

3. Liseberg

4. Islands of Adventure

5. Knoebel's

6. Alton Towers

7. Canada's Wonderland

8. Kennywood

9. Rye Playland

10. Six Flags Great Adventure

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haven't been to many but here's hwo i rate those i have been to

1. Cedar Point

2. Hershey Park

3. Six Flags America

4. Dorney Park

5. Six Flags Great Adventure

6. Six Flags Ohio (oh yeah)

7. Keansburg Amusement Park

8. Disney World ( i was young and didn't do anything)

9. Busch Gardens Williamsburg(same reason)

10. Epcot

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Top nine parks (I have not been to very many so take that into consideration)


1. Dollywood

2. Holiday World

3. Silver Dollar City

4. Six Flags St. Louis

5. Epcot

6. MGM Studios

7. Animal kingdom

8. Magic Kingdom

9. Park at Mall of America


Mine can't be a top ten because the only other parks I have been to are either shut down, not much of parks or water parks.

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1. Magic Kingdom Florida

2. Islands of Adventure

3. Alton Towers

4. Magic Kingdom Paris


6. Universal Studios Florida

7. Flamingoland

8. Animal Kingdom

9. Busch Gardens Tampa

10. Lightwater Valley

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1. IOA

2. SFGAdv

3. Cedar Point

4. Busch Africa

5. Disneyland

6. Uni Orlando


8. DCA

9. Busch Europe

10. Disney MGM


and honorable mention to SFDK 'cos it's home.


(My list may well change soon, since I'm headed for first visits to Hershey, Knoebels, and SFNE in a few weeks, but what the hell...)

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1 ) Cedar Point

2 ) Six Flags Magic Mountain

3 ) Busch Gardens Europe

4 ) Kennywood

5 ) Hershey Park

6 ) Disney World

7 ) Kings Island

8 ) Knotts Berry Farm

9) Vegas Rides (not really a "park" but, oh well)

10 ) Idlewild (couldn't think of any more )

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Keep in mind that all but two small parks I have been to so far are in California.


1. Six Flags Magic Mountain

2. California's Great America

3. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

4. Knott's Berry Farm

5. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

6. Disneyland

7. Legoland California

8. Castle Amusement Park

9. Disney's California Adventure

10. Sea World San Diego

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1. Island of Adventure

2. Cedar Point

3. Six Flags Great Adventure

4. Port Aventura

5. Parque Warner

6. Busch Gardens Europe

7. Europapark

8. Animal Kingdom

9. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

10. Alton Towers

11. Disneyland Paris

12. Universal Studios Orlando

13. Hersheypark

14. Holidayworld

15. Efteling

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1.) Six Flags Magic Mountain

2.) Magic Kingdom (WDW)

3.) Busch Gardens

4.) Europa Park & Heide Park (Both tied)

5.) Disneyland

6.) MGM Studio (WDW)

7.) Disneyland Paris

8.) Six Flags Discoverey Kindgom

9.) Paramounts Great America (Back when it was Paramonts)

10.) Phantasialand

11.) Holiday Park (Ge Force baby!)



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1.Six Flags Magic Mountain

2.Universal Orlando Resort

3.Busch Gardens Williamsburg

4.Walt Disney World

5.Kings Dominion

6.Six Flags America


8.Sea World Florida

9.The Adventure Dome

10.Other Las Vegas attractions (Stratosphere, NY NY, Sahara)

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1-IOA/USF- This choice is a no-brainer. They have the best overall dark ride(Spiderman), best water rides(Dudley & Popeye), best invert(DD), best inclosed coaster(ROTM), and best shooting dark ride(MIB). Need I say more.




4-Hershey Park

5-Magic Kingdom

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This is hard...


1) Disney World Magic Kingdom

2) Busch Gardens Tampa

3) Island of Adventure

4) Sea World Orlando

5) Cedar Point

6) Busch Gardens Williamsburg

7) Six Flags Great Adventure

8) Universal Studios Florida

9) Disney Animal Kingdom

10) Kings Dominion

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Hmmm...I don't think I can put them in order...





Europa Park






Busch Gardens Tampa


By "dells" do you mean the whole Wisconsin Dells area or a specific park in the dells? Also what is TDR? I know im going to feel like an idiot when I get an answer but its been driving me NUTS

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