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1: Cedar Point

2: Six Flags Magic Mountain

3: Islands of Adventure

4: Kennywood

5: Six Flags Great Adventure

6: Paramount Kings Islands

7: Hershey Park

8: Knotts Berry Farm

9: Worlds of Fun

10: Coney Island


Post your top 10 here.

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From the ones I have visited yet:


1. Port Aventura - Spain

2. Universal Studios Hollywood - US

3. SF Magic Mountain - US

4. Disneyland Paris - France

5. Walibi Belgium - Belgium

6. Walibi World - Holland

7. Moviepark Germany - Germany

8. Efteling - Holland

9. Bellewaerde - Belgium

10. Holiday Park - Germany

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Any glaring ommission are because I haven't been to them :


1. Cedar Point

2. Islands of Adventure

3. Six Flags Great Adventure

4. Six Flags New England

5. Six Flags Magic Mountain

6. Hershey Park

7. Knott's Berry Farm

8. Sea World Orlando

9. Universal Orlando

10. Disneyland (California)

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I've never been to any parks outside of Florida, but here's how I'd rate them:


1. Islands of Adventure

2. Magic Kingdom

3. Universal Studios Florida

4. Disney-MGM Studios

5. Epcot

6. SeaWorld Orlando

7. Animal Kingdom










8. Busch Gardens Tampa

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1. Disneyland Park (Paris) - France

2. Universal's Port Aventura - Spain

3. Disney/MGM Studios - USA

4. Parc Astérix - France

5. Heide Park - Germany

6. Europa Park - Germany

7. Efteling - The Netherlands

9. Terra Mìtica - Spain

10.Disney's Animal Kingdom - USA


I'll be visiting Alton Towers next month, so I expect a change in my present list !

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From the places I've been:


1. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

2. Tivoli Gardens

3. Gardaland

4. Alton Towers

5. Chessington

6. Thorpe Park

7. Drayton Manor

8. Flamingoland

9. Pleasureland Southport


There isn't a number 10 in mine, because I don't consider any other park I've visited good enough to make it in there. And I haven't got outside the UK much upto now. But by the end of 2005 I expect all this to change.

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Of all the parks I've visited, my top ten parks would look like this (based on themes, layout, ride quality, employees, food, time I could spend there before getting bored, nostalgia, and just overall park experience):


1. Europa Park

2. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

3. Islands of Adventure

4. Knoebels

5. Disneyland Paris

6. Busch Gardens Tampa

7. Heide Park

8. Six Flags Great America

9. Busch Gardens Williamsburg

10. Six Flags Over Texas

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Mine are:


1.) Islands of Adventure

2.) Cedar Point

3.) Silver Dollar City

4.) Dollywood

5.) Knoebel’s

6.) Kennywood

7.) Six Flags Over Texas

8.) Hersheypark

9.) Six Flags Great America

10.) Sea World Orlando

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From my small experience:

1. Busch Gardens Williamsburg

2. Island of Adventure

3. Hersheypark

4. Magic Kingdom

5. Legoland

6. Paramount's Kings Dominion

7. Dorney Park

8. Six Flags America


N/A because I was too young to remember:

Six Flags Astroworld (RIP)

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1. Universal Orlando

2. Dollywood

3. Busch Gardens Williamsburg

4. Hersheypark

5. Six Flags Over Georgia/Great Adventure (yea, we had a really good day at G-adv)

6. Busch Gardens Tampa

7. Lake Compounce

8. Dorney Park

9. Lake Winnie

10. Knoebels


- Joe, who hopes now people understand why I don't care for Cedar Point - it didn't even make my top 10!

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Knotts Berry Farm

Magic Springs (rides on Arkansas Twister with no lines season round!)

California Adventure

Universal Studios Hollywood

Legoland California

Sea World San Diego

Six Flags America

Burn's Park Funland


Those are all the parks I've ever been to! And Funland is really just a grove with about 10 flat rides (But they have flyers! )

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