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OMFG! I hate retail and black friday. It took me 1 hour to get this poop from Best Buy. BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I would have taken pics of hte line, but my camera phone bites and doesn't have a light on it. I still have to go back out and get 24 for my mom and dad....stupid after thought gifts!


ATi Radeon X700 PRO My new baby.


Arrested Development seasons 1&2, Family Guy DVD and Dookie for $5!

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heh, I had an interesting ordeal early this morning for Black Friday shopping. But in the end we lucked out.


My day started by waking up at 4:30am, my mom, grandmother, sister, and I piled into the car and headed off to Wal*Mart for their 5am-11am sale. They had a HP laptop on sale for 379.00. So Erica and I were going to get one. (Mine is a combination of two christmas gifts and a birthday).


When we get to the store, the line starts at the door....then goes around the corner....then goes all the way back to the end of the building, and when we got their, the line continued behind the store.


When we got in, we found out that the laptops that were on sale (all 25 of them) sold out in 2 minutes flat. So we decided to head up to Best Buy in Enfield and checked out laptop prices there. At that time I had no hope in me getting one, but my sister was getting on for sure. But our luck turned around because an associate in the computer department had the last two tickets to get a gateway MX6030 laptop. So my mom took one for my sister, and my grandmother took one for me. So we waited in line for a while, and in the end, I got a laptop and I'm on it now.


Sorry Soren for getting a laptop before you

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You should have got an X800 GT or X800 GTO if you wanted an ATi card, or the much loved (but not by me) 6600GT if you wanted a mid range performance card, frankly, the X700 pro is poor when compared with the above card's, but with a minimal price difference!


They didn't have those for $100. It was the best I could get for the money I had. So, it is also better than my Radeon 9600.

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Why do they call it Black Friday? :?


I was thinking the same thing as you Chrissie and looked it up earlier. It is the day when all the retailers who have been running at a loss during their financial year start making profits so the figures go from red to black ! - I thought it was something ominous and spooky but it turns out it isn't. FYI there is a growing trend to rename it Green Friday (Green is the new black then?) as that sounds more 'friendly' doubt that will happen.


Oh yes - and a final FYI - the first Monday after thanksgiving is getting the name Cyber Monday


Steve- OFI Sunday - C

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Because today is the official start of the holiday shopping season which usually means for retailers, stores go into the black (profits) from the red (losses).


I didn't do any shopping today in stores. I did order Metal Gear Solid 3 for PS2 for $9.99 from EBGames.com but that was it.


The reason I don't go out for Black Friday is because I hate dealing with crowds (amusement park or mall, it doesn't matter I like going out when there aren't many people) and if you look carefully, you can get deals throughout the year that are just as good deals as the Black Friday specials. For example, Circuit City was advertising PS2 games for $4.99 in their ad. I was able to get those same games at KB Toys for $2.50 and $4.99 last month.

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Well, I didnt go shopping, but my aunt and my uncle and other aunt.


They first woke up at 3:30 to get ready to head out to Wal Mart. I was still asleep at this time but I was in one of those my eyes are closed but i can hear you sleeps. So I heard them talking about going to Wal Mart....and they left. Then when they got back they brought it a regular sized bag from Wal-Mart...trying to trick us. But they told me that they went everywhere to get the things that they needed. And they said that they went to Best Buy and got all the stuff that they could find there but the line was heart stopping long! The associate told them that the line for a register was 45min-1hr. :shock: One of my aunts told me that the line was like this....(at the bottom)


But after all they got just ebout everything they needed....except my TPR DVD's!


sorry its not that good all i could use was paint....but it show the dooe the registers and the line that wrapped around everything in the store.


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I had to work today. I work in Target (not for them) and I had to be in at 9. Well knowing how much crap there was going on, I got there at 815 and it took me 25 minutes to get a parking spot.


There were no carts in the store. It was chaos and evil people bitching out team members. Everything was selling out like hotcakes.


I hate black friday, and I wish they would do away with it.

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I slept throught much of the action. When I arrived at work (Target) at 9:30, we only had eighteen registers going, and since we had more carts this year, we didn't run out either. I'm not sure how we did in sales, but we were around $450k at 2pm.


After work (around 6) I hit Best Buy to see if that 1GB SD card was still in stock. Suprisingly it was, and there were a few other good deals (and they let me get an adjustment on the six pack DV tapes I got three days earlier for twice the price...UK here I come!) and the registers were almost a "walk-in".

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It's Pathetic that Retailers like Wal-Mart Advertise HP Laptops for $379.00, knowing full-well that "Hundreds" of people will show up for them, and when they do how many Laptops do they have in stock??? (According to Token Yankee Guy) A Whopping 25 Units!


That's Ridiculous! Wal-Mart Sucks!!!


They were showing people on the news getting into Fist-Fights over this!

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We have a similar crazy day here in Vancouver and parts of Canada, tho it's the day after Christmas, called Boxing Day. A British tradition, where well-off families would 'box' their old clothing and extra food to give to charities and the poor. Here nowadays, it's more-or-less an extra day off from work, etc.


But - the electronics' shops and those stores selling such items, drastically drop the prices on stuff, starting that day. And lineups start overnight for this one-day sale-a-thon. :shock: Television of course, does their annual 'reporting' on this cough*cough Annual Tradition, too.


Never done it. Never will. Can't be bothered. As said above here, there are plenty of times thru-out the year for exact same savings on some of this stuff, that some peeps just don't realize, or bother to find out about.


~ ~ ~ ~


What actually gets me, is prior to this day, everybody is (traditionally) bitching and complaining about "the cost of this..." and the "rising prices on..." Then, on Boxing Day, these people have (suddenly) multi-hundreds of $ to spend on these Boxing Day Deals....


WTF is it with that?



My take/rant on such a day, here or where you all are.

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I worked at 4:15 this morning. Our line @ Best Buy wrapped pretty damn far. We sold out of everything really quickly, luckily I grabbed myself a few things before I took off @ 12:30. Season 2 of Chapelle, Anchorman for $5.99, Splinter Cell for $9.99 and a 20" TV for $58.


We actually had two guys almost get in a fight in our store today. The guy took anothers parking spot and they were up in arms in the store when one of hte guys started yelling.



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I wasn't going to go out and it is hardly a tradition. I hate crowdsa and lines, outside of an amusement park. This was a hey look a video card for cheap, OH! Arrested Development! So yeah, I hate Black Friday. I woke up at 2 am and could go back to sleep, so I looked at the sale ads. Last year I worked at EBGames, one of the highest revenue EB in the state. It was crazy. Never again! Working retail and having a crappy boss, perfect way to have a breakdown. Anyway, I survived and can't wait till after a month from now.

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Well, I am proud to admit that I was right out there with them at 5:00am Friday. I'd never done it before last year, but my mom and I did day after Thanksgiving and Christmas sales last year and had a lot of fun both days!

We started at 5:00am at Circuit City, with both of us wanting $10 512mb SD cards. We ended up with 4 of them and I got an iTunes gift card for my cousin so I wouldn't have to come back later. In and out, despite the hundreds of people, in 5 minutes.

Then we went across the shopping center and waited until 6:00am to get into Target. Once in, we got a $30 microwave for my grandpa for Christmas, my mom got a Willy Wonka DVD, and I got a Ferris wheel shaped picture frame. Again, in and out, in an even bigger crowd, in 5 minutes.

Then we headed over to Best Buy, which had opened at 6:00 also. We both got two Shrek 2 DVDs for $6 each and I got a Green day CD for $8, and mom got a Michael Buble CD for my cousin (not on sale!). The line was horrendous by this point, so mom waited in that line while I went down the plaza for Old Navy's opening at 7:00am.

At 7:00, I went in and grabbed 3 pair of jeans that fit me like they were custom made for me, for $14.99 each. I also had a $10 off a $50 purchase, so I got some boxers for Kevin for $5.50, which made my total for everything $45.50ish.

After waiting in a 45 minute line at Old Navy, I found mom at Best Buy and she was next up at the register. The lady behind her let me jump back in line, so I got my stuff and mom got hers and we were outta there.

We stopped for breakfast at Burger King, then mom wanted to stop at Joann ETC for some scrapbook paper. She only needed one sheet for a project, and I insisted that I was *not* waiting in a 45 minute long line so she could buy one sheet of paper! haha She agreed, so we headed home after that.

My intention was to make this whole fiasco into a Random PTR, but there were so many people and you needed to find your stuff so quickly that I didn't get a chance to take any pics!

But I'm very happy with everything I got, and will certainly be back out there with the other maniacs on Dec. 26th. However, I am staying the hell away from Walmart!



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I do all my shopping on-line. I refuse to go into retailer this time of year. Heck, I hate retailers all year long, and rarely go to them. Granted, you can't get those "advertised black friday specials" on-line, but you can usually find BETTER deals for BETTER products shopping at non-traditional on-line outlets. Especially in electronics, which is all I give as gifts.


Dennis "doesn't give underwear as a gift!"

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If you can believe it, we went out, but not untill about noonish, but we got some cool stuff



We started at Target, Got Call of Duty 2 for $37 for the regular Xbox, and a few DVD's, Harry Potter for $6, Robots for $8, and Family Guy, Stewie movie for $8, and some Barbie movie for Mickey


We then went to Hastings, and found the DS Nintendogs Bundle, and promply picked that up for $150, with a $20 mail in rebate, I also picked up Halo 1, for myself, I never actually bought the game, just played it, and they had it used for $9


We then went to Sonic and then home, where I slept untill work time



I want a DS more than EVER now, I think the whole family is getting DS's, well except the baby, he can have the GBA

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