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What was your first coaster with inversions?

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First Looper: Canobie Corkscrew

First GOOD Looper: Montu

First Hyper: SROS @ SFNE

First Suspended: Ninja @ SFMM

First Stand-Up: Riddler's Revenge


By the way, there is some INSANE airtime on the Yankee Cannonball.

Also, there is a waterslide with a drop taller than anything at Canobie Lake.

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My first was Chang. I was surprisingly calm and relaxed on the ride. I really loved the pop of airtime between the inclined loop and the turn up to the MCBR.

The only real coaster I had been on before that was Twisted Twins.

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My first looping coaster was the one in the picture below, but when I rode it, it was a light blue color, it was located at Six Flags St. Louis, and it was called the Jetscream... although it was a fun coaster, it didn't last long at all before it was removed to make room for a silly dance club, then it became the station for Batman the Ride...


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Revolution, in 1976. I was 10. Scared the pee outa me.


(Remember the theme song? "It'll knock your little socks flat off!")


(There was a small observation deck under the loop, VERY close. It had a sign that said, "Watch out for flying socks!" Just remembered that while singing the song.)


Here's a pic from 1979:


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Well my first technical lopping ride was virtual space mountain at DLP Studios its like disney quest [Or more like ultimate ride]


But my first looping coaster was Rock N Rollercoaster i have a funny story about it that sometime i will tell

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"The turn of the century" (now significantly modified and renamed "The Demon") at Marriots Great America (now Paramounts Great America) in Santa Clara, CA. I rode it in 1976, the year it opened. I'm not really sure that the addition of vertical loops to "The Demon" was necessarily an improvement. I liked "Willard's Wizzer" more though. I still miss that ride. It was awesome. They also used to have this three-armed ferris wheel type ride (I forget the name of it) that was really cool. I miss that one too.

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my first loop was the first loop.



Yes, May 10th 1976. When it was called "The Great American Revolution"

I was 9 years old.


No shoulder restraints, no seat belts. Just lap bars... as God himself intended it to be.


Guy"That was 30 years ago! S*** I'm old!" Koepp

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"The Ninja" at Six Flags St. Louis.... OUCH, it a wonder I wasn't traumatized of looping coasters and scarred for life! :shock:


You think thats bad, i startyed with the Goudrix at PARC ASTERIX

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