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Anyone played "The Bible Game" video game?


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I was wondering around the mall a few days ago and I saw a game called "The Bible Game" for the PS2. I'm not a religious man, but it did spark my curiosity. I'd probably rent it just to see what it was like.


I haven't seen a religious-themed game in a while. I know the NES had one or two, but from what I recall, the gameplay was pretty awful.


Who has played this game?


Read more information about it here: http://www.cravegames.com/games/biblegame/index.html

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I saw a segment on the news tonight about how religious gaming is finally catching up with other games. It showed some kid shooting the crap out of these demon looking things. Hey, I can't argue. If I could shoot the crap out of monsters and have my parents think I'm learning a lesson, I'd be a pretty happy guy.

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My boyfriend found a ROM of this game for the GBA and we played it and laughed. There are a bunch of crabs walking around and you stomp them and they tell you Scripture verses and then you talk to people and they point to "deceivers" who look like devils and then you talk to the "deceivers" and they ask you Bible questions and if you answer it right the deceiver dies and you get the key to the church.


I dont know what happens after that because we started playing some crappy Care Bears ROM after laughing at it long enough.

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I'll have to check that out.

It could be fun.


Moses:Run the Gauntlet! Can you lead your peeps away from angry charriot drivers? Can you lead them thru the parted sea? Can you waste the infidels with two stone tablets????

think so? then Moses: Run the Gauntlet is for you!


I'm waiting for Left Behind: the Game.

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