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I don't mean any offense to RCPro when I say this, but what was it that everyone liked about that site?


I'm seriously just wondering because everytime I went there it did seem like a lot of bickering back and forth and not a huge amount of content.


Again, I'm not ripping on it, I just really would like to know what people found so great about it for my own curiosity since I've heard other people talk about it, but I could never quite figure it out.



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^its probably the fact that it's pretty active (much like this site) but i agree, there is alot of bickering.


another problem i find with the site is that it loads horrendously slowly. all sites on my computer are instant, that site takes a few MINUTES to load.



but really i would have loved for them to go down a few minutes later than they did, (a couple mins before the day of Tatsu's announcement) an admin apparently knew somthing and was going to reveal it around midnight... couldnt have gone down at a worse time (for me)

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It is a fun site, but it is not the most active. They have good pics and videos. It's only problem is that if you are not from the west, you will probably get most posts from the "games, debates, and polls" and "non coaster related". It also seems like more of a serious site, and one of the main reasons I like it is the fact that it was the first site I joined.

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The main reason I like RCPro is because of its "community" feel. I know most of the active members (not personally), and I am up there on the top posters list, which makes things more fun. I don't know, I like TPR and RCPro about the same, but for totally different reasons. Oh, and for what Robb said about bickering, thats mostly just newbs that have nothing better to do than critisize other peoles stuff. Everyone else on the site is extrememly friendly, and the mods do a great job of keeping things under controll.

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^Yes i'm agreeing ZBurns..

Rollercoaster Pro is the site I got into rollercoaster more and plus you can talk about anything its like a mini-town.. plus the loading slow part.. they are fixing that.. !


But, RCPro.. the thing about it is that.. its just like a city, town, whatever... Everyone mostly know everyone..

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