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Robb, Elissa, Dan, and Derek at SFMM today!

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Since Derek was out from Pennsylvania this weekend, we took a trip to SFMM last night and then again earlier today.


Both days were about as good as a visit to SFMM lately could be. The only coasters closed were Deja Vu, Viper and Flashback. It was weird that Viper was closed. There was "caution" tape around the entrance and a security guard standing out front. Did something happen? (Photo below)


The operations were actually 'okay.' We were amazed that the crew on Scream didn't manage to stack the trains once! Nice work!


Over the two days we ended up riding:


Scream - 1 ride - good, not amazing...it's Medusa.

Batman - 2 rides - still a kick ass B&M!

Goliath - 1 ride - Yawn. I mean, it's a good ride if you haven't been on ANY of the B&M or Intamin hypers.

Ninja - 1 ride - Only running 1 train. Kind of annoying, but the line was only 15 minutes. Still no excuse for running 1 train. We were thinking during the ride "Does this coaster actually have more forces than Silver Bullet???"

Gold Rusher - 1 ride - only running one train. Why, I'm not sure...but then again it was only a 1 train wait.

Riddler's Revenge - 1 ride - It's funny how we USED to say this was a "forceless" B&M, but after riding Air, Silver Bullet, Silver Star, etc, this seems VERY forcefull!

Superman - Meh....it goes fast, it's actually kind of fun...but meh....


We didn't ride X since Derek had been on it before and the line was long...or at least longer than we wanted to wait for it.


We were at the park about 3 hours last night, and about 2 hours tonight, and we really took our time around the park. So that's a decent amount of rides in that time!


We also noted some construction going on the hill over by Revolution and the Orient Express.


Overall a good couple of visits to SFMM.


Ok, onto some photos!!!! (All photos by Derek...unless of course Derek is in them!)


And guess who's dinner this is? =)


After SFMM we went to "BJ's" and Derek got the beer sampler.

*note...I just love going to a place called "BJ's!" LOL!


A nice pretty photo of Batman at night.


"Yay Batman! A B&M Invert with forces!!!"


Elissa "What exactly is this a photo spot of???"


And look....DIRT!!!! OMG!!! I wonder what they could be doing?!?!?


LOOK!!!!! Ground markings! OMG! OMG!!! OMG!!!!


No comment about this Derek photo either!


Robb, Elissa, and Dan...um....yeah....No other comment.


Here is Viper closed, roped off and a security guard out front. Any idea what happened?


Some of the "Purim" guests were wearing funny T-shirts.


Today was "PurimFest" at SFMM! I wonder if Joey will be here! =)


Here is X....We didn't ride it, but we figured you would all like to see a pretty picture of it!


So what's actually going on in this picture is the "Robb pushes Elissa into the road hopeing that a tram will come by." Elissa didn't like this game, but Robb thought it was fun! =)


Hey look! It's SFMM! Yay!

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Viper...closed.....superman...open....I'm confused Usually its the other way around. Well its good to know that they didn't break Superman..again. Just one question though. Does Deja vu still have track missing and it's train gone :?

Seems like you guys had fun today!


Edit: Oops! Just saw that you said Deja vu was closed.

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Well thanks for posting these, I'm getting excited about going there this summer, its looking good and considering the biggest park I have been to is Paramounts Great America, it should be a blast

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Yeah, Dan's just naturally sexy like that!


It was funny seeing all of the employees 'shape up' when he came walking by! I mean, he was dressed better than any management at the park!


Elissa "the 'construction' was a joke!" Alvey

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Our main site is more for bigger or more unique updates. If we're just doing a mini-trip report from a local park, or something that's not quite that big we'll just post it here in the forums!


Elissa "Universal update should go up today!!!" Alvey

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Ummm, Robb is looking rather ACE-y in that first pic of him and Elissa!




Rastus O'Ginga

Not that there's anything WRONG with that.


*know it all voice* If you want to place a picture, right click it and press 'copy shortcut' then do the and

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