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Can I do WIP now? I can fix EE at the same time!


Well WIP unless you tell me I can't.

Go ahead and fix the ride, add another attraction if you like on that same turn. But the 24 hours rule still applies.


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New to Tommorowland: Autopia - The incredible driving experience.



EE Works. I fixed the brakes and made the slope steeper so it should have no problem completing the course.


:shock: Great Job! I really like everything you've made so far!

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I have always been a big fan of RCT2, and I always tried my best making Parks, yet I've never been able to create something amazing as some of the rides / theming I've seen in this thread.


Ed, you did an AMAZING job on those rides. Once I get home I will reinstall RCT2 and try out the park, it looks so nice.


_six, this game is a great idea, too bad I kinda suck at theming/making coasters, so I won't participate, would only screw up the park.


I will certainly follow this thread really closely from now on, good work, and good luck with the future of the park.


Edit: Coasterboi, you're avatar is just, so sick and childish, sorry.

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