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The "Disney-Magic" that TPR built!

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*Eagerly waits for template*


C'mon Mr.Six! We want our park!


I'm anxious to see what the layout will look like


Sorry, due to a power outage with the file lost and me with my death flu things have gotten behind track. But the park is almost rebuilt...again

Expect it later today.


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Ok, the park is ready for the first person to add their attraction on it!

Now, PLEASE read this.

When you open the park you will see the map color-coded with the following colors.

Red = Main Street USA

Purple = Fantasy Land

Green = Tommorow Land

Yellow = Adventure Land

Ice = Mickey's Toontown

Black and White Tiles = Main Gate/ Ticket booths (NO RIDES)


PLEASE build your addition to the right area of the park. Rides that are built in the wrong area will be saved but deleted from the park map.


If you wish for an area to be expanded you may do so yourself as long as it doesn't take up more than 150 squares. Other than that, nothing more to say! Have fun!


The Disney Magic!.SV6

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Ok, since no one said not to, I went on and made the park's first attraction, "Indiana Jones and The Curse of the Geisha's River." It is in Adventureland, but there is no path connecting it to the main gate. I think main street is best left up to Luxo or someone else who is good at the whole "Disney" feel. Here's a screen shot...


It's a really big rapids ride!


EDIT: I could not fit my name along with the title of the ride (the ride name itself wouldn't even fit), so should I go back and build a sign next to the ride that says my name or something?

Disney Park for TPR.SV6

Here it is! Who's next?

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