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The "Disney-Magic" that TPR built!

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Howdy, Howdy , Howdy!

The amazing success of "The park that TPR made" should only lead up to one thing! "The Disney Magic that TPR built!" Yep, its something different and with all these amazing Disney themed parks why not have one that us "super cool!" members all built!

The origninal Thread can be found here:


I think we can all agree that the park is done! And BTW; it turned out simply amazing!

Relating back to the old park let me just say, we laughed, we cried , but most importantly we learned! Which is why some changes have been made to the rules. Most of the rules remain the same but a few have changed due to problems we ran into on the last park. Here is a list of the rules for this park along with what this is all about if your new!


Q: How do we play this?

A: Each member may participate by building a piece of the park on their turn! This can include a coaster, thrill ride, stalls, "park area"


Q: Is there a limit to how many turns we can have?

A: Yes. As of right now the limit is 5. But that can change if needed. You also have to wait a 24 hour period before claiming that you have the park after you've uploaded the park with your addition.


Q: How do we know who has the park?

A: As soon as the park is uploaded with that person's addition you must say. "WIP" or (Work in progress) . You MUST say one or the other to aviod confusion. If you say something such as "I guess I might give it a try" that will NOT count and the park is still open for the next person. Also (this is new!) Not only do you have to either say WIP or Work in progress but you must also say how many turns you have left out of 5. Written like this 2/5 turns.


Q: How long is a turn?

A: 24 hours just like the last game was.


Q: What happens when 24 hours has passed and we have not uploaded the park with our addition?

A: Last game there was no penality for this. Now its different; if your 24 passes by with no upload from you, you may not participate for the next 2 turns (or 48 hours) and the turn you used will be taken away from you.


Thats all the main FAQ's I would think. If something is unclear or you want to make a new rule post your idea soon!


*game rules!*


*Adding a Roller Coaster

You may build only 1 roller coaster per turn unless it is dueling. (Such as Dueling Dragons)


Your coaster may NOT affect anyones elses coaster OR go into its space without the permission of that person. Its also a good idea that your coaster has its own space. Meaning it doesn't have to be compact coaster, but don't build one that stretches all the way around the park.


You must name your coaster and place your name after it.

EX - "Goofy's Goof -Roller! -Mr.six"

It doesn't have to be that format but you get the idea.


Your coaster must be named something that could fit into a Disney park to keep the Disney feel of the park. No Batman- The Rides next to Splash Mountain!


Your coaster must have "some" themeing. this shouldn't be a problem because last game everyone did an amazing job at this! But once again its a Disney park, and you know how Disney is about their thememing!


Your coaster MUST have its ratings under "Extreme" in ALL catagories of the stats.


You may or may not add a mechanic and/or exit ramp handyman to your coaster. That is all up to you!


Anything you would like to add or want something cleared up? Just ask!


*Adding a thrill/gentle ride!*


You may add 1 thrillride/gentle ride on your turn unless. You add them right next to each other. EX. Power Tower, the rides are right next to each other. In this case you may add up to 4 rides right next to each other.


Your ride must be under "Extreme" in all catagories of the stats.


Your Thrillride/gentle ride may NOT affect anyone elses without their permission.


You must name your ride along with having your name in the title.

(See above for example)


Themeing is required just like on the coasters. Not a ton, but just make it look nice!


NEW! *Adding a park area!


Since the Disney parks have things in commen such as main streets, tomorrowlands, etc. You may add your shops,places to eat, bathrooms, etc. to a certain area.


You may use up to 10 stalls per turn.


Your area must be less than 100 pieces of pathway per turn.


Your stalls MUST be named. Please keep the theme for that area in mind while naming your stalls.

Good Example "Space Hats!" in Tommorrow land

Bad Example "Indiana Jones Hats!" In Tommorow land.


PLEASE feel free to use flowers! But also make sure that a handyman looks after them so they don't die.


You may add up to 10 handymen for your area per turn.



Now you might be wondering. "Well how do we know where Tomorrow land is? or . What happens if someone builds a Splash Mountain right next to a Space mountain?

Well, when the park is first uploaded it will be divided into 5 areas that will have their own land colors. Now, you may change the colors back to normal after you've built your addition. They are only there to seperate the 5 areas of the park. Those 5 areas will be.

"Main Street USA"

"Tomorrow Land"

"Adventure Land"


"Fantasy Land"


Please add your additions to the right area of the park. Also you don't have to build a Space Mountain, Mission Space, or any ride that is an actual Disney ride. It would be great if you could make up your own! "Journey to deep space" or "Star Wars- The ride". Just some examples.


Now this is a bit confusing I know. So that's why the empty park template will not be uploaded right away. Spend a few days clearing problems up, and getting some feedback on this.



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Oh man, I can't wait for thisto start! The first one went so well and came out GREAT, so this is just a step forward from that! So, when is the park starting, I really want to begin!

The template is currenty being made and will probably be ready to go by later tonight. But I want everyone to be clear on this so I'll give people a day or so to read this topic and ask their questions!


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Man, too bad I'm in the middle of a big RCT2 project myself. I'll see if I can take some time off from that and take a turn. I really enjoyed watching the progress of the last "park that TPR built," although, I feel that as it went on, its quality lowered, because everyone was building coasters wherever there was a tiny bit of space. Remember, Disney is not usually big on the coasters. Anyway, I can't wait for a turn!

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Sounds like a challenging, but great idea.


Keeping everything Disney-themed? Gah... for one, I'm horrible at themeing... and two, Disney. This'll be tough for me, but I'll definately participate in expanding this park.

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I know 2 people that have to participate in this one:


Luxo: look at both of his Disney parks;


DisneySea: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=20247


And Disney Dream Realm: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=20588






F1shy: YOu are so great at the mountainous theming, you could do a great job with this, we all know how Disney loves their BTMs and the new EE!!!


I should jump in on this one, the other one I just watched!

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I'll help out as well... oh and only if it's for the regular RCT2. No expansions. Cause, they suck.


The park that I have right now does inculde scenery from both, expansion packs and custom rides and scenery from people. If this is a problem for the majority of the people it will be changed.


Q: Can we use Trainers?

A: This was an issue with the last park. At first the rules said no trainers, then a few people did use trainers and nothing happened to the park. So what do you guys think? I'll let you guys decide.


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I'm having some errors with my program. Everytime I complete the park and try to start it up for the first time I get the "Error Catcher" message. This will delay the game but not too much.


The expansions that will be needed are CF, and WW. Not TT.


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Yeah, CF is Corkscrew Follies, which is for RCT1. So, if we have TT installed on our CPU, how can we take place in the park. If we play, won't we mess with it? Or does it not matter since the park is already created with WW? Thanks!


As long as there aren't any TT rides or scenery in the scenario, it should be fine for WW-only users, and just having TT installed doesn't mean you'll mess it up.

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