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NEWS: Snyder Claims Victory in Six Flags Takeover

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From Reuters


Red Zone says wins Six Flags proxy vote

Tue Nov 22, 2005 03:01 PM ET

NEW YORK, Nov 22 (Reuters) - Red Zone, the investment company of Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder, said on Tuesday that shareholders representing more than 57 percent of Six Flags Inc.'s (PKS.N: Quote, Profile, Research) common stock voted for its proposal to change the amusement park company's management.


Once the consent solicitations are certified, Six Flags' chief executive and chief financial officer will be removed and replaced with officers chosen by Snyder, who would become the company's chairman, Red Zone said in a statement.

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I can't imagine them stopping construction on these already begun and announced attractions. However, it could very possible that the pipeline of anything that came after this could be cleared and the parks as a whole could go into a different direction. Personally, that might not be a bad idea, it just is how it's done, and more importantly, how much money, time, and care is put into it. It's all about wait and see right now.

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Im with Robb, Im not sure to be PO or happy.


Then again maybe its just me, I really don't like to much change. But what is going to happen with projects like Tatus, and El Toro?

Yeah, these projects are set, and remember, contracts for projects this big are usually signed at LEAST a year before ground breaking.



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I am just curious what changes this will mean...


Will this mean sponsored rides? Will this mean higher prices for season passes and admission? Will this mean even less rides? Heck will this mean more closures? I wish that we could get a little more love at Elitches... Watch we will probably get the UltraTwister from Astroworld... I think I could cry...

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I think El Toro, Tatsu and the Goliaths will probably be the last MAJOR coasters installed at SF parks for a few years, from everything Snyder has said.


And expect all the Looney Tunes themed attractions to turn into Nestle Chocobots Action Adventure Zones or whoever the highest bidder is for rights at your local FedEx and CocaCola's Six Flags park.

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Should I buy my new Extreme passes Today? Could they be phased out by the end of the year? When will the new seats be appointed? Will they go up in price right when the new management take place? Will they continue to honor the existing season passes? When will they start announcing park closures? Will MM get that God D*** Skyswatter? Was catagory 7 realy the end of the world? Will there be a Shrek 3 & a Madagascar 2? Will the polar Ice shelves realy flip sending the world as we know it into a space time continum?




Guy "Happy 2nd Anniversary Alveys. May you have as many more in your future. Oh S*** that's only two more years. You guys are doomed! Wait... Ladies! That means Robb is gonna be single! Giggity!" Koepp

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I would say you DEFINITELY want to purchase those season passes as soon as possible.


I would expect to see season passes at least double, if not triple in some locations. I just renewed our SFOG passes for $49.99 plus tax.



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Very easily could. Could also mean massive price hikes, if Synder does what he did for the Redskins.


What would that be, make them the most profitable sports team in the world?


I just hope he can do for SF what he was able to do for the Skins. We'll all just have to wait and see. SF is in such bad shape it may take some time to turn it around.


Snyder learned his lesson when he first toke over the Skin's, you can't just throw money in a hole and hope it works. I'm sure they have some well thought out plans, I just hope there good ones.


But, he is a very successful business man and what's right for the business, more then likely isn't the best for the enthusiast.



D"Skins fan for life"H

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I'm willing to pay (a lot) extra for frikin' 2 train operation!!! Is it really that hard? Cedar fair parks do it even on the least crowded of days, which why I will pay much more for those parks then six flags parks.


Hopefully snyder gets the parks managment right.

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I think I will take a wait and see approach here. You don’t necessarily have to have experience in the theme park/entertainment area to be a good CEO. I say give him a chance but remember, like it was said before, what is good for business is not necessarily good for the enthusiast. We may not like the changes he may make but the bottom line is SF making more money for the investors. I think this development is happening to late in the season to effect the prices on season passes and such. Wait until 2007 for those.


Bob "I better get my season pass just in case" Hoffman

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