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What is Your Favorite Themed Ride

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It was hard to decide what's worthy of my list, but here are some of my favorite California Disney attractions plus a sampling of themed coasters.


Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

it's a small world

Space Mountain

Indiana Jones

Fire In The Hole

Dark Knight (SFGAm)

Ice Mountain Bobsled

Quicksilver Express

Flight Deck (CGA)


Really though, I'd go crazy trying to list all the Disneyland and Silver Dollar City rides that feature impressive theming.

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Best Disney ride: Indy, Test Track

Best Universal ride: Mummy (Florida)

Best Six Flags ride: Green Lantern, SFMM (A surprising step up from the usual Six Flags level of theming)

Best Cedar Fair ride: Ghostrider, Knott's (Might be the only themed queue for any Cedar Fair ride, aside from Disaster Transport)

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If I had to make a list of my top five themed rides, this is how it'd go (in no particular order)


Space Fantasy- Universal Japan

Mummy- Universal Florida

Spiderman- USJ/IOA

Tower of Terror- (Florida's version)

Splash Mountain- MK (I'm a sucker for flume rides, and this is my favorite!)

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What is my favorite themed ride? For me that will be the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman. Even though I've been on the amazing Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride, I still prefer Spiderman over Potter for its smooth transitions, smooth story telling, realistic illusions, and fantastic mix of 3D and live effects. It's spinning movements provide even more fun for the ride. It will be even better after the digital film upgrades for the ride.


Harry Potter would be my second favorite themed ride. Though its transitions are a bit rough and the settings are difficult to tell where I am, I do like the fact that its a more thrilling dark ride. Not only that, but it's one of the few rides that have that personal setting where I feel that everything is being directed towards me instead of everyone in the same vehicle as me.


Revenge of the Mummy would be a third favorite of mine for it being a great coaster and a cool dark ride. The only problem I have with it are the "patented" transitions from scene-to-scene which is one area where Hollywood has it better--due to space, the version closest to me is just flat-out scene-to-scene.


Indy and Pirates at Disneyland will be a fourth and a fifth for me. The theming is out-of-this-world for both of those rides.

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Superman Escape (Aust) is a great example of a high thrill ride with great theming. Even though the theming for Top Thrill Dragster is minimal it's very effective, the audio and the Christmas Lights make every launch seem like an event, and to top it off there's the bleachers, and the speed read out on the board.


Indiana Jones at Disneyland is still my fave heavily themed ride. Islands of Potter is an amazing addition, but I'm not a fan motion simulators.

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Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland is the king of the Themed rides, though a non-Disney ride is really hard to think of since I have not been to a Universal park yet, though Legoland California has some good theming on their rides (e.g. Lost Kingdom Adventure, Dragon).

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I'd have to go with the Tower of Terror at Tokyo DisneySea. The story of Harrison Hightower and Shiriki Utundu is actually more "Twilight Zone" than the other versions, thanks to it having some sort of moral (in this case, the corrupting power of wealth and greed). The whole "historical society tour" angle is very clever, as well.


They tell the story really well . . .


. . . right down to the newspaper clippings.

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I'm such a sucker for Disneyland's Space Mountain. The on board audio just had me in love with the ride. Not to mention Indiana Jones. Holy crap, I didn't even know the ride existed!


Scooby Doo's Spooky Coaster is pretty great. WDW's Tower of Terror of course.


Tomb Raider, the Ride! Was really good back in the day. I remember riding it as a teenager for the first time and being really nervous. It was just so dark and mysterious, you really had no idea what was going to happen. SO SAD that the ride turned into a turd and then was removed. Shame on Cedar Fair!

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For non-Disney rides, I'd have to go with MIB the Ride at IOA all the way, but then again, I'm a bit partial to that ride since I helped build it.


For Disney rides, this is a hard call since I haven't been to a Disney park in about 10 years, and the only ones I've been to in the last 30 years are DL and DCA. So there are more than a few rides I haven't been on that have been built in those years. But based on what I've done, I'd probably go with the Haunted Mansion at WDW.

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OMG it so gas to be alton parks 14 loop smiler, I loved everything from the music to the loops in the dark to the vertical lift halfway round. Even the staff uniforms where we'll thought out. It's even over 3 minutes long. AWESOME is the only word I can use to describe it. Makes everything else in the park seem like shit lol. They are not but after you have been marmalised by the smiler it's all you can think of. Like most Alton towers rides the shop is directly at the end of the ride. Be warned though get there early cause 20mins after opening time it had a 1 hour queue then it went to 2 hours 10 minutes later. It's so long, they have a snack stand half way round the queue. But so worth it.



I have been marmalized and corrected you must be too

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