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What is Your Favorite Themed Ride

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The Star Trek Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton. They have all kinds of props, costumes, and such from the tv shows and movies on display as you wait to go on their motion ride or 3D theater. The sets you walk through are full-scaled repilcas they used during filming (including the bridge of Enterprise-D). Plus at Quark's Bar they have several people dressed up as some of the aliens walking around.

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This is easy for me.


Best themed darkride: Spiderman at IOA. Great que line and preshow. (The SCOOP safty video is really funny) A flat out great ride with a finale that always gets me. I also had a funny ride where I shouted "I love Scream!" Not the clone from Magic Mountain for those of you that don't know, but the only female villian in the ride that looks a bit like Venom.


Best themed coaster: Dueling Dragons at IOA. Best coaster que line ever and a great ride.


Best Disney ride: Three way tie, Splash Mountain, MGM's TOT (Good Tower) and the sadly gone Alien Encounter (SGE is a flat out disgrace compared to AE )

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My personnal favorite ride would have to be the E.T. ride that used to be at USH!


I loved USH's E.T. It felt like a super-sized version of Disney's Peter Pan ride, which I find highly overrated. The wooded queue with the men in space suits and the creepy Elder alien was amazing, and flying over the city put the flight over London to shame, IMO.


As far as all-time favorite dark ride, my vote goes to the Haunted Mansion (sorry, Pirates).

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My favourite themed ride has to be nemesis at alton towers, the whole concept and design of the ride is just amazing. The b&m invert is located in a big ravine with tunnels, blood waterfalls, and the station is a giant monster.


Here is a video of nemesis and its theming I made. To download click on the free button then wait for about a minute until the download link appears at the bottom of the page.




Also what makes nemesis even more well themed is its eary music and its own storyline, listen to it below,




After looking at all of that dont tell me nemesis is badly themed, for more pictures go to www.rcdb.com and type in nemesis.

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Here are my picks:


Best Themed Disney Attractions:


1. Tower Of Terror (Disney-MGM)

2. Pirates Of The Caribbean (Disneyland)

3. Haunted Mansion (Disneyland / Magic Kingdom)

4. Splash Mountain (Magic Kingdom)

5. Rockin' Rollercoaster (Disney-MGM)

6. Spaceship Earth (Epcot)

7. Mission Space (Epcot)

8. Indiana Jones Adventure (Disneyland)

9. Kilimanjaro Safaris (Disney's Animal Kingdom)

10. The Great Movie Ride (Disney-MGM)


Best Non-Disney Themed Attractions


1. Amazing Adventures Of Spiderman (IOA)

2. Dueling Dragons (IOA)

3. Revenge Of The Mummy (USF)

4. Journey To Atlantis (Sea World Orlando)

5. Dudley Duright's Ripsaw Falls (IOA)

6. ET Adventure (USF)

7. Escape From Pompeii (Busch Gardens Williamsburg)

8. Timer Mountain Log Ride (Knott's Berry Farm)

9. Flight Of Fear (Kings Dominion)

10. Posideon's Fury (IOA)

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I find most Disney rides themed well. My personal faviroute is BTMR, the effects are great... even when riding. Also I love Pirates of the Carribain, Disney done really well with the themeing and its a great experience.


At other parks I like Dueling Dragons, the queueline and the surrounds were done really well.

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Still trying to figure this one out. Is a "themed ride" the same as "a ride with a theme?"


If it is, then Spidey. But if we're talking "a ride to which a theme has been added," then Dudley Do-right or Bluto's Barges - conventional rides that have been themed-up - would seem closer to the mark. And DD? Great theming in the queue which is almost entirely absent once you get to the ride itself. A ride like Alpengeist actually makes the theme matter on the otherwise-conventional-coaster itself...love the snowy trenches.


And if simulators (which are essentially all themed) count, then I'd maybe go for Race for Atlantis at Caesar's Palace, Vegas...You get there through the astonishing theming of the Forum Shops, there's a wonderfully themed entrance, and the 3-D Imax simulator is excellent. Just did Star Trek:The Experience, which was a great immersive environment complete with live actors, but I found the Klingon simulator less compelliing than the Borg side, which was a sit-in-the-seat attraction, not really a "ride" at all. Does that count? If so, how about T2-3D?


Sigh...I think too much...

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With Disney Parks, it's a Four-Way tie between The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (Orlando), Rock N' Roller Coaster (Orlando), Mission Space, and Test Track. :mrgreen:


With Non-Disney Parks, it's a Three-Way tie between The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman, Star Trek: The Experience, and Jurrasic Park River Adventure.

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Non-Disney rides:




Journey to Atlantis (Orlando)




Dueling Dragons


Disney rides:

#1 by far....Tower of Terror (Orlando). No other Disney ride gives me such a complete and eerie feeling as walking outside, through the staleness of the outside of the Hollywood Tower Hotel, then seeing an absolutely perfect "frozen moment in time" feel to it, then with them bringing back Rod Serling from the dead and then there's the RIDE itself...it's perfect in every way.


second I'll say Splash Mountain

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^ Fire?? If memory serves, DDR is just about the only attraction at Uni that doesn't feature pyro. You sure you're not thinking of Escape From Pompeii? (Which has a really good use of fire, and is, I now remember, another of my fave "theme added to conventional ride" rides.)

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