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What is Your Favorite Themed Ride

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I'm actually a really big fan of Italian Job. I loved the ride. It was just so freakin' fun. The theming was pretty darn good as well. It's not a high-thrilling coaster, but Paramount really did a great job with this.


Though the theming is a bit short, I'm also a fan of Escape from Pompeii at BGW.

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Lets go with Disneylands Pirates Of The Carribean.


It's A Great Ride That Tells A Great Story.


Eventhough I've Been On It More Times than I Can Count, I Still Enjoy It!


It's Disney At It's Best!!! Even After All of These Years!


Otherwise, I would Give A Great Thumbs up to Islands of Adventures Dueling Dragons! That Is an Incredible Ride!

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I would give King's Island 3 thumbs up for their 3 awesome themed rides: IJST, Flight of Fear, and Tomb Raider.


Dollywood's Daredevil Falls deserves honorable mention for being the 2nd best log flume I have ridden. 1st obviously goes to Disney, but apparently they don't count.

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Ok nothing Disney..nottthiinggg Disneyy..hmmmm...... I GOT IT!!!



Its a waterslide dark ride at Waterworld in Denver!! Its a family raft waterslide that takes you back in time to when Dinosaurs ruled!! The whole ride is is completely enclosed with a suprise begining and end!! The begining you slowly drift into this cave entrance until all of a sudden you are pulled down this triple layer underground helix... down down down to the center of the earth or thru time lol or even both!! I am asuming its simulating an underground wirlpool of some sort!

There are three showrooms that show different types of audio animatronic dinosaurs thruout your ride necklaced together with fun filled downhill curving slides!

Now for the ending part there is a huge T-rex audio animatronic towering above you growling and snarling and when it seems like ya gona get eaten up you suddenly drop again down a slide around a turn and then out into the open where your adventure ends!! For a waterlide I say that this is pretty darn well themed!! The theming to this is more suited for a ride in a boat at some amusement park. But to theme it to a waterslide just blows me away!!! Here is a link to the Waterworld site and there is a quick and brief video of the waterslide!!




Now there is another waterslide there that is themed to an Egyptian perimid of pharohs and a lost river!! LOST RIVER OF THE PHAROHS

But that one isnt fully enclosed but still some darn good theming aswell!!

Here is a link to that waterslide and quick brief video of it!!



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Hey everyone! I would like to know everyones favorite themed ride it could be a rollercoaster, flat ride, or what ever you can think of. But try not to do anything Disney.


I know you said not to do Disney, but my favorite themed ride is The Haunted Mansion @ Disneyland.


My favorite non-Disney would have to be Jurassic Park: The Ride.

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But Disney's my wheelhouse!


If I have to go non Disney, best themed ride would be Spiderman. Just an amazing ride, period. In terms of my favorite themed coaster, I'd have to go with eather Nemisis at Alton Towers (blood red water goooood) or Volcano at PKD (fire gooooood). My only wish is that Volcano had something remotely volcanoish inside the volcano. Red lights, fog, anything. Not just fiberglass.


Within Disney, I also go Haunted Mansion for best themed ride and Big Thunder as best themed coaster. Rock N Roller Coaster pulls a very close second however.

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