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Coaster Enthusiast Experiment

Would you leave the "coaster world" for a year  

  1. 1. Would you leave the "coaster world" for a year

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Ya when im at a park and I hear some GP kid say something about a rollercoaster or a ride and I know as a fact hes wrong I just jump in the convo and say whats right! Cuz I know im right!!


Why do people feel the need to do this? So some kid gets some fact wrong about a roller coaster. Holy crap, big freaking deal. People gets facts wrong all the time. Especially when its trivial stuff like how fast a roller coaster goes.


OHMYGOD, a ten year old thought Kingda Ka went 200 miles per hour!!!!!! What an idiot!!!!! Better correct him and show him how wrong he is!!!! (note, the past three sentences were sarcasm, and I will denote that with four rolleyes emoticons: )


I'm sure if you were in Best Buy, and you said "Oh hey, this iPod holds 1000 songs" and some high and mighty nerd butted into your conversation to tell you that you were wrong, and how MP3 compression works, and how many bytes go into a kilobyte, you'd think they were the biggest loser ever.


That's how they see you.

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I know exactly what you're saying Wes. The only time I correct someone like that is if they try to brag to me about their knowledge of coasters. Of course, that's a challenge to my intelligence, and I have to tell them they're wrong.


Sometimes I have to correct idiots who are so wrong, it's not funny. Like the guy I met who said Hypersonic was called that because it goes at the speed of sound.

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I've been obsessed with coasters, theme parks, dark rides, etc. all my life, but there have been times where I've stepped aside from it all. In college, I had no time to think about anything else but studio projects, essays, presentations, and so on. There were times when I found myself doodling a park map or sketching out a ride layout, but I probably have maybe 3 or 4 pages of sketches throughout college, as opposed to an entire 2-inch notebook that I managed to fill out in high school (my junior high notebook got ruined in a flood ). So as easy as it is to say "no way," I know how easy it also is for me get lost in reality. It isn't until several months have gone by that I realize, "Wow, I went that long without obsessing about coasters?" :shock:

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Absolutely. There are more important things in life.


If I was really into coasters a lot, we would have went to SeaBreeze instead of the Rochester Zoo, probably would ride every Boomerang and SLC I find, wouldn't have left Boulder Dash ERT early because my girlfriend was tired (even though BD was running amazingly!), and probably wouldn't have left SFNE without at least riding the two woodies because, again, my girlfriend wasn't her best (not to mention I probably wouldn't have spent 3 hours in the waterpark only to ride two rides!!)


Yea, I love this stuff in a way, but its still just a nice hobby to do with some cool people and fun times. Other than that.. there's more important things I can think of that could facilitate my "departure" from being an enthusiast..

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