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i am one hell of a lucky duck


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huh, it isn't bad for me at all. basically, because the whole school is didvided into groups of friends. not because whe have to, but because that's just the way everyone hangs out. and the groups pretty much keep everything in their groups. my group used to be one HUGE group, about 30 people. but then a bunch of drama and arguments started floating around. so we split into two groups. so now i am in the new group, where the #1 rule is NO DRAMA. while the old group is nothing but drama. but of course there are the floaters that go back and forth between groups. it is pretty much the same way with all the other groups. people get kicked out, move to a different group, form another group, accept more people into the old group, etc...

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I didn't hate middle school. The electives sucked and our principal was really annoying, but other than that it wasn't too bad for me. Well except for 6th grade--it wasn't that fun being "the stupid 6th graders."

High school is better though. So far, 9th grade is actually easier than 7th and 8th.

I guess right now I'm one of "the stupid freshmen" though.

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