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Montezooma's Revenge Video

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"Yeah SFKK trims the hell out of it sadly"


That's not the problem. There are two models of Schwarzkopf shuttles. The original one operated with a falling weight that pulled the train out of the station. That's the big tube under the front spike of the ride, and SFKK's ride has that, as it was once Marriott's/Six Flags Great America's ride and was one of the first. (PGA's Tidal Wave/Greased Lightning was the first generation model, too.) The track behind the station doesn't go out as far, so the the trains are trimmed before going up the back spike.


The newer model is like the now-former SFAW's and Montezooma's Revenge. Instead of the falling weight, there's a huge flywheel under the track. When the button is pushed to start the ride, a clutch mechanism grabs the cable, launching the train. The track on the return trip goes farther back behind the station, so, with a bit more room, trains aren't trimmed going up the back.


Hope that explains things.



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^ This is what I thought too until I rode the flywheel versions at Walibi Belgium and Toshimaen which also trims the train on the way back into the station. Could be shorter back spike, I never thought to check.


--Robb "I have a POV of Monty, but I now realize I've never put it on any DVD!" Alvey :shock:

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^Well I had been registered to this site for a while but never started posting until RCpro went down. These forums are very... interesting. I'll leave it at that.


On the plus side, there are TONS of boobs on this forum, which make it an instant hit with me.

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