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Disney's Dream Realm [RCT2 with WW]

What should the next E-Ticket be in Nightmare Street?  

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  1. 1. What should the next E-Ticket be in Nightmare Street?

    • Disney Villains Backlot Tour
    • Rock N HORRORcoaster
    • Other (please post)

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It's tiiiime for an update! Sorry for the long hiatus, but as crazy as it seems, there's more to my life than TPR!


Disney's Dream Realm is starting to get more public attention, starting with the official release of the park logo and photos from the new "Discovery Bay" land. All of the lands have began construction, so now they will progress similtaniously (sp?).


And now, here's your moment of zen.


I had to create a water passage here to seperate Adventureland and Discovery Bay


The currently exposed People Mover station. The 'Movers are suspended becuase I clicked the wrong monorail while setting up the game, d'oh!


The monorail station, entry plaza, and gardens


A better look...feels good to be back on track!


I'm proud of the way those gardens look


Discovery Bay is meant to be like a mix between the retro Tommarow land and DisneySea's Discovery Bay.



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Thank you guys so much! You don't know how much your comments mean to me!


This looks great. I like the gardens too


I have 2 questions. One: Will there be a Space Mountain? And Two: Are the People Movers gonna be there with like a floor and ceiling over them (like the WDW ones)?


Great work so far! I really love this park, and I can't wait to see more!!!


Yes, most likely there will be a space mountain, and yes again, though I'll probably have to change the track to accomadate the buildings.

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  • 2 weeks later...


Indiana Jones and the Forbidden Temple


Hidden deep within the thicket of rainforest in Adventureland is a temple as ancient as time. You visit the temple hoping for a sneak safari through the jungle. You board your jeeps and head outside the ruins to a village, but you dart into an underground tunnel leading back inside where you find none other than Mr. Indiana Jones! Your journey throughout the Forbidden Temple will be a treacherous one, so please hold one to all hats and personal items, and no flash photography...


Come back for the next update where I complete all those unfinished rides!


What could this be?


PeopleMover's uber spiffy new station


I think it was smallish who suggested a new entrance for Splash Mountain. Well, here ya go!


The entire structure. I know that blue spire is REALLY out of place


This should give you a better idea of the ride layout, and where the loading/unloading is.


Then you go thru the rainforest and over the fiery pit o' doom.


From there you go into the temple area. Complete with fire and neat rock formations.


Your shoot is a bit obscured, but you can see where your jeep leaves the station.


Another view


The Forbidden Temple

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YAY! There is one thing that I find really funny on the Indie ride. While you are taking your treacherous journey (and I just realized this when I saw the firey pit 'o' doom) you are riding in Vintage Cars I'm not critisizing, just saying I found it funny!


I enjoyed this update, but I'm already going to ask:


When's the next one

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"I like deadlines, I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." - Douglas Adams


I've been pretty bad about posting updates on time lately, and today is no different! I've gotten alot of the park done today, but still not enough to post yet.

Yet, you guys seem to be patient with me so heres todays teaser shot:


Oh the savings!

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