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Disney's Dream Realm [RCT2 with WW]

What should the next E-Ticket be in Nightmare Street?  

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  1. 1. What should the next E-Ticket be in Nightmare Street?

    • Disney Villains Backlot Tour
    • Rock N HORRORcoaster
    • Other (please post)

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After his amazing achievement with the creation of DisneySea California, Imagineer Luxo has been assigned to design his own Magic Kingdom type park.

The scope of this park will be nearly twice the size of DisneySea. We will keep you informed with weekly updates, and we hope to have the park finished by Christmas!


Stay tuned for the next update: Sleepy Plaza.


The left


The right


Like in Paris and Tokyo, you enter the park from under the hotel.


Oh yeah, there's this hotel here too


Ticket Booths


A closer look


The Downtown Disney District


When you see this sign, you're on disney property.

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I had alot of free time today, so here's an early update!


...It seems that alot has been happening at the new Disney theme park since monday. The first land, Sleepy Plaza, is near completion, the hotel name has been chosen, and a completely new land is in early stages of construction.

We will begin with the hotel; It was a tough decision, so I have declared the contest...a draw! The new name is a mix of the two entries: The Beauty and Beast Crown Plaza. Thank you Hattuchili and music11 for submitting your ideas!

Right behind the hotel is a new land: Sleepy Plaza. It is the "main street" of this park. You'll find many classic shops and attractions here, and the relocated Partners statue. Some buildings were made to block out the huge entrance of the next land:

Nightmare Street. With the help of director Tim Burton we present this dark, yet slightly whimscle new experience. With Jack Skeleton as your host, you can enjoy many new rides and shops celebrating Disney villianry. At the end of this long road will be a new Tower of Terror, this time it's been taken over by the characters of The Nightmare Before Christmas (sort of like HMH) The land is set to materialize with the next update...


The map, the circle shows where ToT is going.


Overview of Sleepy Plaza


I'm tired...


That face is supposed to be Jack Skeleton


Ich bin Schnappi, das kleine Krokodil!


I tried to make this main street to feel more like a local park than a small town.





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Here they are, ToT construction pictures. The full update will be either this friday or saturday.


I'm actually 3/4 done, but I don't want to reveal too much of what the ride looks like because the next update is completely devoted to it.


The outline of the structure


I decided to use a vertical drop coaster rather than a space shot for the ride.

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