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Merry X Mas- or I´m happy that this is not my neighbour


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It's not fake. The guy posted somewhere on how he did it, using something like 88 different light controllers!


I still think this kicks ass. I'm so inspired by this, I'm going out and buying a bunch of light-up penguins and am going to do something like this using Opeth's "Black Rose Immortal"...



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Since I didnt see this thread...Ill copy my post here.


This thing has flown around the internet faster than Paris Hiltons sex tape.



Music: Wizards of Winter by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

House Owner: Carson Williams of Mason Ohio.

Number lights: 16,000

Number of LOR Channels: 88 (used to sync lights)


Software Used: Light-O-Rama



The music is broadcast over a low-power FM frequency so when you drive by and see the house theres a sign that gives you the frequency. So you can stop your car, tune in and enjoy the show.


(Saw this a few days ago and scowered the internet for info)

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Here's a part 2 here


EDIT...nevermind... someone posted the link already.


Seriously, this person has too much time on their hands or they took multiple shots and did frame-by frame animation (which I could even do of my house if I had some spare time and felt like taking shots of just certain sections of lights.


As a matter of fact, I know it's not real because on the part 2, the pic kinda shakes back and forth between each frame as though the picture wasn't aligned exactly with the last one.

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Dude...did you read my post? Its completely real. You can go check out his house. Its actually really easy.


It consists of hooking up your lights to LOR's (Light-O-Rama Channels) and then relaying them back to a computer.


The LOR program then can be configured like any stage show lighting. You can time all the lights to do anything and to music. The music is played via a low-power FM frequency.



Its very real. I found the guys address and everything.



Heres how to do it:




They were on MSN Video on the Today Show. TELL me its not real


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