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Favorite element

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I'm not nerdy enough to know all of the names of the elements, so I will just put a ride name and an explanation.


1. First drop and roll at the bottom on X2

2. B&M Pretzel Roll (Tatsu)

3. Zero-G style roll at the top of a hill (Heartline Rolls?) Like on Medusa and Scream

4. Airtime

5. Similar to 3, but no loop, on Kawasemi (you transition from one side to another at the top of a hill)

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I still like zero g rolls the best by far. I love how they're kinda floaty and it's almost "airtime" but not really. Also I like how they are all relatively different, for example scream and silver bullets zero gs= while BTRs= yet they are the same element. Then comes airtime hills... although this may sorta change as I am loving the "transitions" on green lantern and would be amazed if the airtime on these wasn't excellent... especially the awesome part into the break eun where you go vertical... that to me looks like mad uoside down ejector air. Lastly is the pretzel loop, which I love... but if it lasted longer I would likely black out. Also, not to diss the classics I am a fan of vertical loops and corkscrews on companies that can do them right... so no arrow and no vekoma here.

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I'd have to say this:


1.95 Degree Drop found on Maverick (Ejector Airtime)

2.Turns and Transitions found on Maverick

3.X2's first drop and pretty much every other Element found on it



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We all have an certain element on a certain coaster that makes us more exhilarated than any other. Maybe it is an incredible loop, a fast barrel roll or a airtime hill. For me it has to be the top hat on Helix, over the cliff face hanging upside down, sensational!

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The sudden, twisting drop of murder underneath the other track on Matterhorn. If you've ridden it, you know what I'm talking about.


Katun's low to the ground, high-speed turn after the zero-G roll leading into the cobra roll.


Literally any moment of I-305.

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Literally any moment of I-305.




The first airtime hill on Skyrush, it looks so unassuming, until you ride it, and realize just how much speed you hit it with. Talk about ejector air.


El Toro's RT Hill, it looks so unassuming, and you don't hit it with much speed, but suddenly you're flung skyward at what feels like an impossible rate.


Fury 325's Treble Clef turnaround. that banked drop is lateral porn.


The double-up/double-down on Phoenix, it's the start of airtime city, and oh so good.

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Gotta go with the Immelmann on Thunderbird at HW on the right side. It's even better in the back specifically. The pop of air towering over the plaza is awesome. The weird lateral feeling on the zero-g roll is pretty weird but crazy feeling too.


I'm also a huge fan of TTD's top hat. Just slightly insane to look over the entire park.


Finally Banshee zero g and inline twist. Probably perfection of those two elements.

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