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Favorite element

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Interlocked Loops. Especially the only set still running conterminously. (Loch Ness Monster.)

Whoop-De-Doos (A favourite of Bill Cobb and of GCI, Notable on Riverside Cyclone and Wildcat, respectively.)

Blackout Strength Helixes and loops (Just about anything Schwartzkopf.)

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I just loved the diving drop that Shock Wave had at SFGAM. This element was just awesome when riding in the back. Now I would have to say my next favorite would be tight uphill spirals.

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This is a difficult choice to choose just one..lol


here are my fav's:


1. Immelman

2. Dive Loop

3. 0-g roll

4. Drachen Fire's first corkscrew (after lift). I had to walk this track everymorning to inspect for track-welds-what a view!

5. A steep Traver-drop.whee!

6. Bunny-hops

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Millennium Force's first drop - Whee!

Millennium Force's first overbank - Yahoo!

Millennium Force's first tunnel - Yay!

Millennium Force's second hill - Whoa!

Millennium Force's second and third overbanks - Yipee!

Millennium Force's second tunnel - Woo!

Millennium Force's puny hill - Wahoo!

Millennium Force's turn and straightaway - Yes!

Millennium Force's last overbank - Wow!


All that and more, including:

Raptor's Cobra Roll - Disorientation!

All Intamin launches - I love that sudden acceleration, especially on rockets.

Storm Runner's Snake Dive - So much twisting...

Hades' tunnels - Pitch black, cold, moist, and intense.


And more than any previously mentioned (including all the Millennium Force stuff)...

Patriot's Zero-G Roll - Incredible airtime in the far left, incredible laterals in the far right. Fun in the middle too!

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