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What Type of Rollercoaster Has the Most Airtime?

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There is actually no airtime on the crest of El Toro's lift, forces at min are probably .6.


Not sure how it's possible to have "heavy floater" as all floater air has a force of approximately 0. On that low hill after the turnaround, front row riders get some minimal yet sustained ejector, while backrow riders slowly go from the positives to a quick "pop" of medium ejector, likely something around -.4 or -.5 g's.


You also neglected to include the next hop up, which probably has airtime of around -.5, and the pops of air on the S curve hills.


I definately also disagree that there's "insane" ejector air on the hill into the brakes. Back row barely leaves the seat on that hill, and front gets some low to moderate negative g's. Compared to the first drop back row, the first 2 hills, and the hill over RT, that airtime is very weak.


El Toro definately doesn't have the most air of any ride, or even close, but I have to agree that it's some of the most intense airtime. The forces are so extreme that I can feel pressure build in my head on the first 2 camelbacks and the hill over RT. It's also awesome how sustained most of the airtime is. Most hills feature airtime duration of well over a second, and even more than 2 seconds on occasion.


Rides like Voyage, Nitro, and Apollo's Chariot probably have the most airtime in the world. Their overall focus is not on strong ejector air, which, although I think it's more exciting, just physically doesn't allow for the highest duration of air. The three rides I listed have pretty long layouts and have many extended hills and drops that give the rides their high amount of airtime.

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Airtime is not an opinion. It reflects the normal force that the passengers experience at any given point on the track.


I've had a little space between myself and the lapbar, and I rode probably 3/4 of my 15 rides in the back row. Never did I leave my seat at the crest of the lift, and I even was paying attention because I was surprised that some people said there was airtime there. There is none. As I stated, the normal force is lower than 1, meaning you do feel lighter, however it's not close to 0, which is why nobody would come out of their seat because of forces at that point, even without restraints.


"I would rather strong ejector air over floater air anytime!!!"


99% of the time, me too! In the case of El Toro... definately! It's airtime is generally awesome. Ofcourse there are exceptions to that, as I'd take really sustained floater air over a very quick pop of ejector most of the time, but I've ridden some of the best predominately floater-air rides in the world, Apollo's Chariot and Nitro, and some of the best predominately ejector-air rides, El Toro and Superman SFNE, and the latter win by a mile, though the former are also some of my favorites.

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Of course there is airtime at inverted coasters! First of all: floater-airtime in the zero-g rolls. Some loops at the top on the middle seat and the kind of bunny-hops: not much, but there's airtime!


See also the reply of "matteocrepaldi" earlier this topic.

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Superman: Ride Of Steel has tremendous airtime, Nitro has pretty good airtime, Apollo's Chariot has some airtime, although not too much. For a woodie I think boulder Dash has the best and most consistent airtime. That ride is just fabulous!

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Wood: Voyage

Steel: Magnum XL-200


Quoted for truth. Having not been on El-Toro, Voyage and Shivering Timbers are tied for most airtime on a wooden coaster for me. Voyage in the back is INSANE, especially over the first few hills. Shivering Timbers isn't as intense, but has a whole lot more airtime (and is still way up on my top 10 coasters list).


Magnum on the other hand, no competition for most absolutely insane airtime. While its not the smoothest, the bunny hills on the way back to the station are packed with "extreme ejector air", to the point where it's almost painful (sit in the "money seat" and you'll see what i mean, first car 3rd row).

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