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Hey Everybody, I finally got a DS yesterday and I'd like to get your recommendations on the best games for it. Also please include any recommendations for GBA games since the DS will play them (I skipped over the GBA unit, so I'm mostly uninformed about them too). Any helpful advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Thanks Coaster Crazy! I got the Super Mario 64 DS when I got the DS and I really like it! We're really interested in the WarioWare games also, my daughters loved the demos of them at walmart. I know I'm gonna get the MKDS sometime soon, it looks awsome ( I've been following the thread about it on here.

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Yoshi's Touch and Go is a game that I really like. It's the perfect pick up and play game that you play for 10 - 20 minutes at once.


For Gameboy Advance Games, my favorite game is Super Monkey Ball Jr. It includes a lot of levels from the Gamecube game but also has a full bowling game and 2, 9 hole golf courses (mini golf style) so you get a lot of value and re-playability.

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Wario Ware Twisted is for the GBA, AWESOME!!! I love all of the Wario Ware games!


Do NOT get the Sims 2 or Yoshi Touch n Go.


Yoshi Touch n Go is more of an old-school type game in the sence that you have (about) two levels that you replay over and over trying to beat your record scrore/distance. Many people like this type of game, but if that's not your thing, stay away. instead get Kirby: Canvus Curse. It bascially takes the same concept and pushes it into a full fledged game, and is awsome.


But the game that spends the most time in my DS in Meteos, a very fast paced puzzle game that is HIGHLY addictive, and in my opinion the best puzzle game ever made.


Warioware is great if you have ADD/ADHD!


I also like Castlevania.


it really depends on the type of games you prefer.

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I want to really thank everyone for their input so far! You've given me some great suggestions!


I'm definently going to get both the GBA and DS WarioWare games. My daughters have had so much fun with the demo for the GBA and GC demo versions that they've tried at walmart.


I like just about every genre of game, but I don't buy anything that's super violent and I'm not into the horror games. Although I don't do it every time, I usually strive to buy a game that at least 3 out of 5 members of my family will play and enjoy.


Thanks again for all the great advice and please keep it coming!

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My other addiction, is well video games. I have decent collection. Just showing that I am not talking out of my lowerhalf orifice. I can recommend some DS and GBA games. Pac-Pix is very cool. It was one of the first DS games that didn't feel like a glorified tech demo not made by Nintendo. You draw Pac-Man on the touch screen and move him around, it is rather cool. If you are into oldschool top down space shooters, nanostray is fun and very challenging. Nintendogs is a staple to the DS library. Training dogs is hard work, but this game makes it fun and rewarding. Mario Kart DS is a must, especially if you have a wireless router or eat at McDonalds a lot. Online Mario Kart in the TPR clan is lots of fun. Mr. Driller is a great game. It got me through the winter when good games were few and far between last year. As others mentioned, Kirby and Warioware are fun games. I got a pink stylus from Nintendo for buying Kirby for the DS. It is now my primary stylus, pink is so manly! Warioware is tons of fun. As for GBA, I cannot recommend Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga enough. It is probably the best game on the GBA made by Nintendo. The story is funny, the characters are great and the gameplay is topnotch. It is in the same vein as MarioRPG from the SNES and the Paper Mario series. Mario Vs. Donkey Kong is a great puzzle platformer. There are over 100 levels to grab your brain and turn it into mush. Advance Wars games are great strategy games. It is a challenge for all ages and lots of fun to play with friends. If I remember correctly, it has pass it around multiplayer. So you can play four people with one GBA and game cart. The Pokemon games are fun, even though the cartoons are annoying. Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap is another must buy game for GBA. It would be my favorite Zelda game if I didn't have all the fond memories with Link to the Past on my SNES when I was younger. I could go on forever. Well there is my recommendation in under eleventybillion words!

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Right now, for the DS I have:

Nintendogs (Best Friends Edition) - OK game, played for a while and lost interest due to more exciting games...I wonder how my dog is...

Nanostray - awesome on-rails shooter. need to play more

Kirby Canvas Curse - great game. lots of fun, get it.

Puyo Pop Fever - awesome puzzler. The Puyo Pop series doesn't get enough respect here I think. It has touch screen control, but i use the buttons as it provides more control. The best part about the DS version is they have full voice acting for the insane plot.

Mario Kart DS - awesome...


Importing and waiting for the shipment: Quendan - Japanese DDR-ish j-pop based rythem game that will probably drive me crazy... for a quick demo, play the video on the linked page...needs sound


Getting next week... Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time. As Kenny^ mentioned, the GBA Mario and Luigi is probably one of the best games released for the system (along with Wario Ware Twisted) so I'm definitely looking forward to this release.


On to-buy list: Meteos, Go and Touch Yoshii, Advanced Wars DS, Castlevania DS, Metroid Prime Pinball, Sonic Rush

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