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super star limo

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Essentially the ride was a very transparent (read: unentertaining) attempt at promoting ABC and Disney conglomerate celebrities.


Rumor had it, it originally was going to be paparazzi themed (you are the star and you are running away from the press). Then Di died.


Again, that's just a rumor.


It bit so bad. It closed well before TOT:CRAP


It also featured these Spitting Image style puppets if I remember:




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It wasn't nearly as bad as its made out to be, it just wasn't very good. If Six Flags or Cedar Fair had built it, it would have been praised as being "Disney quality". It had some interesting features (TV screens on the limo, multiple animatronics, picture taken) but it was sort of a mess thematically and from a story telling perspective. It also had a lot of plywood flats, which DCA-Haterz used as a good target of what was wrong with the park as a whole. Honestly, I never found the ride that bad and I wish it was still around. I'm sure Monsters Inc. will probably be better.


I miss Regis.


I was and still am a huge nerd.

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I miss DC follies, are they out on dvd yet?



It was pretty much the lamest disney dark ride ever. It was amazing how it underdelivered on every aspect that was hyped about the ride.


Remember how cool the tattoo projection effect was supposed to be?


However, the ride's queue matched the quality of the actual ride quite well! I know someone has a pov somewhere of this turkey, myself included, if you are really that desperately interested!



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It sucked horribly!!! Words cant even describe how I felt about it really. Getting rid of it was probably one of the best decisions Disney could of ever made!! That area where SSL once stood was more fun when it was a parking lot!! Lets hope that monsterz Inc. can redeem that plot of land in DCA!!! If not, then Parking Lot The Ride will still be my fave ride that once stood in that area!!

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I'll say this about Super Star Limo.....


I had the chance to visit Disneys CA Adventure a Month before it opened to the General Public.


When My Brother and I went to Ride this Attraction, I asked the Ride Op was this Attraction any Good?


He Rolled his Eyes, and Waved us Off. Clearly Stating that this wasn't a Disney Quality Attraction.


I Have Since seen a Video of This Ride, and I see That This Was Correct.


I Hope the Monsters Redue Will Be Better.

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Again, I'll be the voice of dissention here I LOVED Superstar Limo! I don't even know how many times we rode it, we loved it that much (well, Richie and I loved it, Kevin thought it was just ok). I thought it was actually much better than most of the smaller scale Disney dark rides (Snow White, Pooh, Pinnochio). I believe I took pictures of just about every show scene in it, and can post them here if anyone would like. I never understood why it got such a bad rap...I loved it



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There's a full POV ride-thru of it here in the Download Videos section of the site, thanks to R&E.


My take is, from what I remember back in 2001, they did indeed plan it as a 'race thru Hollywood' avoiding the paparazzi and eventually making it to a Hollywood Premiere. Like Mr.Toad's Wild Ride... in La La Land.


But I do remember word getting out, after the death of Princess Diana, that Disney execs and Imagineers BOTH decided that opening such an attraction so soon, would be Ultra Bad Taste. So essentially, I heard, they just slowed the cars down to a much slower ride speed, and then had to beef up the 'dialogue' along the way, etc.


Which I guess, cornered them into a non-storyline mess of flats and nonsense.


What I heard and read, at the time....


~ ~ ~


Which now makes me think... Maybe they'll amp up the speed of the ride vehicles for the Mike&Sully To the Rescue ride. Putting back in place some of what they couldn't do originally with SL, at that time.


At least they can do it, this time'round, hmm?

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DCA is a weak THEME park chiefly on two levels


1) imagination factor (adult version of a fair)

2) entertainment value (two sets of two words: Golden Dreams, Tortilla Factory).


Its not about money folks -- any creative or entertaining person doesn't need lots of money to be that creative or funny or a good storyteller, they just ARE that way. And for imagineers to bitch about funding -- why I oughta!


Essentially you just have detail oriented folks working at WDI-- Gawd knows that must be a rowdy bunch!


Walt and Roy left a deep vacuum of leadership. Back then, the engineers were told what to build and were adjusted by leaders in the field of entertainment and imagination -- now its all peer based evaluation and direction. Sorry, that doesn't work!


Just ma two cents. Don't be hatin.

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I still don't get why people bash DCA-If it were built by any other chain, or not next to DL, then people would love it. Don't even talk about the lack of detail please, because it has more detail than most let on. Do you think Cedar Fair would have done all the support work on California Screamin??? Do you think Universal would've built that kind of Ferris Wheel??? There is so much detail in that park. Just look at GRR, and then tell me about the lack of detail.

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^ I think that alot of peeps bashed and bash DCA, is just as a matter of "concept vs. basis."


Meaning, instead of movies to base a lot of attractions on (pretty well ALL of the DL rides were based on existing or to-be movies and/or television specials Disney made) - DCA attempted to base it's entirety around the 'concept of California,' which then turns into all the 'landmark' touristy-type things we'd all think about such a place/state/environment.


But - things are changing. Hey, it took Disneyland four years to add on the Matterhorn, Subs and Monorail to it's mix. Wasn't till 1967 till Tomorrowland went thru it's first change(s). And good ald Haunted Mansion? 1969 debut, right? And the park opened in, um, 1955?


And lately, Disney HAS been tweaking and changing DCA to be a more inclusive 'theme park', albeit with help from WDW (ToT) and Pixar.


Rough start in 2001, but hey - that was a rough year for a lot of people.


They'll do fine. Just be patient as best you (all) can.


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