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How do you make videos for RCT3?

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The Rollercoaster Tycoon built in video recorder will record the video frame by frame. It WILL take a long time to render, but the end result will be a steady framerate. Fraps on the other hand captures every frame as t is rendered. Fraps WILL slow down your PC if it's not super-high end and will result in jerky, low framerate video all the time unless you have a significantly powerful PC. I would recommend the RCT built in one because even though it takes a while, the end result is always smooth video


Either way (Especially with Fraps because it creates ENOURMOUS files) you will want to compress it using any video editing software. Even windows movie maker does this, but it will most likely take a mong time with any program.


You can upload to several sites, but I prefer putfile because it's simple and has a fairly good limit (25mb with a free account).


Hope that answered all questions.

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Well i just popped a coaster together for a video just to show you how to do it

To Do it you press ctrl,Shift And F11 All at the same time to video but it takes a hell of a long time because it runs at only 1FPS

I Am editing the video at this time but i will have it on in about 1hour

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