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Most Excited About?

Which 2006 Coaster Are You Most Excited For?  

  1. 1. Which 2006 Coaster Are You Most Excited For?

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Having rode Hades this past season I have to go with the Voyage. Hades was the best new ride in 2005 in my opinion and Voyage will be the best new ride in 2006. The Gravity Group is on another level of concept and design compared to the other woodies coming out.


Tatsu does look impressive but I probably won't ride it next year. It will be the big new ride on the West side of the US for sure, especially since I can't think of any others being built over that way.

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I voted Tatsu as its the only new ride i'm guaranteed to get on next year. But if I get over to Indiana, I'd probably crap myself and change my answer to Voyage, as it could easily be the best coaster built this year!

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LMAO No one cares about Patriot!!!


--Robb "Who needs a Talon clone anyway?" Alvey


Nobody cares about Patriot because it is another new age B&M that will be overworked and feature too smooth of a layout. It most certainly won't rival earlier B&M's like Montu and Raptor in intensity.

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Everest for me!


Awesomely huge mountain, awesome looking trains, awesome looking drop, awesome indoorness, awesome concept and it has a big, hairy beast! It has EVERYTHING!


Including a Vekoma built coaster. EE would be my choice if I knew the ride itself would be good (I know the themeing is excellent), but since so much of it will depend on a Vekoma produced design, and an unproven one at that, I'd have to actually ride it to know it's not just a crappy Vekoma in a pretty mountain.


El Toro on the other hand looks fun and looks like something that will be re-ride-able. The INTAMIN woodie track record so far seems impressive, and I'm fairly sure won't disappoint.

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