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Post any injuries that landed you in a hospital!

Dainty Aqua

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When I was 2 years old, I stepped on a rake and it hit my head with the "claws" up. I got stitches and a scar on my eyebrow (which is barely visible )


EDIT: Upon further inspection with my mom, I have the story wrong. I stepped on a hoe, and fell on it and the side of the hoe hit my head. No rake involved.



Hmm, I fell on a ho once, didn't require stitches, just a bath



anyway, the only BAD injury for me was when I was playing tag on a home made jungle gym, and the stair were 2x4's set at a 45 degree angle, well I was running up them, my leg slipped inbetween the slats, I fell sideways off the stair, with my leg caught at the knee



no broken bones, but it still hurts sometimes

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I nearly crippled myself snow tubing. We went over a jump with me on the bottom of the tube. Tube didn't come with us, and my two freinds landed on my back, dislocating my collar bone. My clavical was pushed an inch in and an inch over, so that it was tucked behind my sternum.


I'll explain that a bit better if anyone had trouble pictuing it. Feel that ball at the right end of your left colar bone? Now feel the flat bone just below, and between both colar bones? Yup, that's where my colar bone ended up.


I somehow managed to walk back up the hill. But that's when I went into shock. (kind of felt like being drunk to be honest). I had to be carried away because I was so out of it. Though it wasn't till the next day that I decided to go to the ER. Only after the swelling went down, and I realized that I could poke my finger into a hole where my colar bone should have been.


To get it back out they knocked me out, grabbed my sternum with a clamp, pulled it up, and then gave my arm a good wrench to pop the bone back out. 4 months later I was finally able to use my arm again.

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I remember when I was really young and my parents were building a picket fence. I come running out (like little kids usually do), lost footing om the steps out front, flew like Superman and WHAM! Right into the newly constructed fence. I broke my nose as my apple flies out like a cannonball into the middle of the street.


Another time, I was jumping on my mom's huge bed with my sister and she shoved me off by accident. I slammed on the ground and broke my collar bone. The doctors tried putting a sling on me but I kept flinging it off. To this day, I still remember slamming on the ground.


As for non-hospital injuries, I got stabbed in the foot by a freshly sharpened pencil, I kinda ran into a spotlessly clean sliding door that was closes at my aunt's house, got speared in the head playing "Indians" when I was young, and got ejected off my bike after riding down a steep hill.

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I had several trips to the ER as a toddler, all related to ear infections and such. Had tubes in my ears twice to drain the fluid behind the eardrum. I vaguely remember the last time, and it wasn't fun at all.


I did have a few glorious accidents on my bike, but it wasn't until my car accident during my Senior year did I finally landed myself again in the ER. While driving into Salem one night, some moron in the other lane pulled in front of me into a driveway, and I hit him at 55 miles an hour. The only thing I got was a seatbelt abbrasion, but the paramedics took a look at the front end of my car and decided not to take any chances. They slapped on a C-collar (or whatever they called it) and strapped me to a board. One of the most uncomfortable things I've been on. To make it worse, my dad had driven my car earlier that day because his truck was getting worked on. His comments afterwards were what would break if it was ever in an accident. Sure enough, that night . . .


The last trip to the ER happened in 1997 during my second week working the graveyard shift at WinCo Foods. Stupid me ran my foot over with a loaded pallet jack. Fractured and chipped my big toe, though I can never seem to remember which foot it was. The graveyard checker called me "Hop-along" for weeks afterwards because it hurt walking.

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Me and my friend were decapitating barbie dolls with her Golf Clud ( I think it was a 1 but I'm not to sure) She hit me with it in the nose eye area. I ended up going to the hospital and getting 16 stiches and then haveing plastic surgery because me nose was all crooked.

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