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Ferrari World Discussion Thread

p. 78: Mission Ferrari opening January 12th, 2023!

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Will be there in October just before the parks open


Just the perfect excuse to go back i guess.


Looks fantastic, thanks for posting.


Malcolm are you going with the Valt?


He just misses the opening date too. I've agreed with him that if it's open whilst I'm there I've to let him know and he'll be on the first plane out.

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A new video of a virtual tour through Ferrari World has been released. WOW is pretty much the only reaction i have for this place.


"Soarin Over Italy" how cool is this ride gonna be? Ferrari world is making me all warm and fuzzy.

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This website has a small video tour inside the amusement park .http://www.ameinfo.com/234483.html


But in other news i made this small model of the building for a class that i am taking (there was more to the assignment then just the model so thats why its small.


Front view



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New guy here!


I am getting ready to board a plane for the UAE next week as we begin vehicle and ride control programming for the Kid's Fantasy dark ride at Ferrari World. I have seen the pre-show video and a bunch of the ride video and it promises to be a very cool attraction for all ages.



Hi Welcome to the forum an d welcome to the UAE.


I am personally very excited about the dark rides.


Hopefully I will get the chance to meet you at one of the future press events.



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Ok, I'll be the first to post it...TRIMS!!!


Really though, this coaster looks pretty cool, I really like the white. And, although the lay-out isn't spectacular, just the scale of it is impressive, and I'm sure the speed will be there too.

I wonder if they will have the same issues with wheels as I305?

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^Although you're obviously joking about your trims comment, it's funny because even if they reduced the speed by 1/3 of the launch speed that would mean that riders would be hurdled into these turns at 100mph still. This thing is crazy large. And the pictures of the hills that go back into the building show how much bigger the building is than it appears without a scale reference. This whole project is crazy.

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