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Ferrari World Discussion Thread

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I hope this has a fast intamin cable lift which doesn't slow down at the top as that will make the drop even better!


I'm getting tired of hearing this, seriously.

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^^I know this gets repeated a lot but I'm just saying I'd like to see a fast lift that could stay that way (as we know intamin can do so and does on most coasters). It's like saying I would rather not see any or not may trims on the ride.

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That overbank to the left is reeking of geometric-based track design... in other words, it looks really good, and it looks like it will have a great flow to it! I also agree that the drop and the loop appear to be the same height, but as stated above it's definitely the angle

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^ It just doesn't look like the drop is tall enough for the train to even make it through the non-inverting loop... But I'm sure its just the camera angle.


This coaster is looking so amazing!!



I think Intamin might plan on using the cable lift to launch the train a la Maverick, since it seems like the lift is much shorter than the non-inverting loop. If that ends up being true, then I could definitely see this coaster being one of the best in the world...

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