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Ferrari World Discussion Thread

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So it looks like the news is out

There will be 3 new coasters heading to Ferrari World.

The European Coaster Club detailed the following in their latest magazine.


Coaster 1 we know about is the SFX coaster with that crazy large track

Coaster 2 will be an Intamin shuttle coasters inside the dome. The central core that used to hold the Huss drop tower will be home to a track spike from this coaster.

Coaster 3 will also be from Intamin and will be outside the dome in that massive construction area and will be according to the ECC "Very Tall".


Looks like it could be a great year for a visit to Abu Dhabi soon.

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If the Intamin coaster will be "very tall", maybe it will be the tallest coaster in the world, seeing the new rides will be "-est"

Didn't the park have some height restriction? I thought the drop tower was close to that limit.

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Was at the park two weeks ago, and was told the first coaster should be ready to open early next year. The park has also opened new go karts. I was at the mall next door and walked across, but never went inside...The info about the coaster came from the gentleman in the ad min office

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Thanks for the update. I'm looking forward to hearing all about this. I spend about 25% of my life out in the Emirates (normally Dubai), so am really excited for what's happening at Ferrari World. It really sounds like they've decided what works for them and are REALLY going for it!

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EDIT: Dave I'm gonna add the official press release to your construction update:


Here is the official press release:


Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Reveals Plans for Record Breaking Roller Coaster at ATM


New roller coaster will join ‘Ferrari Driving Experience’, ‘Karting Academy’ and many more exciting attractions recently added at the Ferrari branded theme park


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Ferrari World Abu Dhabi revealed one of its exciting upcoming attractions at the Arabian Travel Market (ATM). The new roller coaster is set to break new world records, and is considered a major addition to the unique theme park’s offering as part of the undergoing large-scale expansion.


Already boasting the world’s fastest roller coaster, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is planning to become home to the world’s steepest steel rollercoaster featuring a starting hill inclined by 51 degrees and the world’s tallest loop of 52m (170ft). Named “Flying Aces”, the new roller coaster experience is inspired by Italy’s ‘ace of aces’ Count Francesco Baracca, a famous Italian aviator of the 1900’s whose legendary Prancing Horse emblem was inherited by Enzo Ferrari. The bi-plane themed coaster is expected to attract thrill seekers from around the world to its gravity-defying loops and swoops.


Jesse Vargas, General Manager of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi said: “There are very few theme parks that have undertaken such a significant expansion as Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. At the Arabian Travel Market, we are giving the world just a glimpse of our continuously evolving, Ferrari-inspired entertainment offering. Flying Aces will be another one-of-a-kind ride that you can only find at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. Its design and storyline are deeply rooted in the rich history of Ferrari.”


“We are proud of what Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has achieved over the past five years, and thrilled with the great feedback we’ve been receiving from our guests on all the new experiences introduced at the Park in the past few months. I’m particularly proud of our latest attraction, the Ferrari “Driving Experience”, which has taken immersion into the exclusive world of Ferrari to a brand new height!” Vargas added.


The Park’s newest “Driving Experience” gives guests the opportunity to drive a luxurious Ferrari along Yas Island and its surroundings, setting Ferrari World Abu Dhabi apart from all other theme parks.


Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s indoor electric-powered go-karts at “Karting Academy” have been attracting racing enthusiasts since its launch in November 2014. Guests have been practicing their racing skills while trying to break the lap time record - set by none other than Scuderia Ferrari’s drivers – of 36.6 seconds.


Budding adventurers have also been enjoying new attractions at the Park. The recently expanded “Junior Training Camp” now includes many new challenges such as climbing and free fall jumping. Children can also pilot a GT or F1 car on the all new double-tracked “Junior GP” or navigate a remote-controlled boat around the waterways of “Bell’Italia”.


In addition to all the new and enhanced Park experience, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has introduced many themed, seasonal festivals over the past few months to further engage its versatile portfolio of visitors from around the world. These include Chinese New Year (February), Festival of Lights (October) and Winterfest (December) that have now become annual fixtures on the Park’s entertainment calendar.


I have just been to the park. Didn't pay to go in but did get a few construction pics.

not a lot to say really. Just enjoy the pics.


The outdoor site is starting to take shape. Not mush in the way of rides to see yet


just lots of cranes


From the walkway to the park I saw this.


They have been painting some scenery pieces


The footers are still there


They have been painting some scenery pieces


They have been painting some scenery pieces


They have been painting some scenery pieces


This sign was quite interesting.


This sign was quite interesting.


This sign was quite interesting.


This sign was quite interesting.


Also here were the old V12 boats


Also here were the old V12 boats


Also here were the old V12 boats


Also here were the old V12 boats

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