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Ferrari World Discussion Thread

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I'll be going there on sunday June 15th.

Anyone have any experience with the crowds on a sunday, and the current operations at Formula Rossa, are they slow in loading the trains? If I remember correctly Friday and Saturday is the weekend over there, and Sunday is a regular working day. So crowds should be no problem I guess?

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Sunday should be fine. I would get there for park opening and ride rossa first. I was there last Wednesday and they were only running one train but the wye was no more than 15 mins. They were dispatching very well with around 4 mins between launches.

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The park has announced a major expansion:


• 7 new rides coming in the next 3 years, including record-breaking ones

• 3 existing rides will be enhanced

• street entertainment and seasonal shows

• a more Italian atmosphere


Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has revealed that it is undertaking a major expansion programme, with plans to introduce new rides, enhance existing ones and enhance retail and F&B offerings.


The theme park in Yas Island will add seven new “iconic” rides, including some that will have an “est” element (fastest / biggest/ largest), revealed Jesse Vargas, general manager, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. The park already houses Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest rollercoaster with a top speed of 240km/h.


The new rides will increase the park’s capacity by a minimum of 40 per cent, he said, refusing to divulge details about the current capacity.


Three of the existing 20 rides will also be enhanced and will undergo a “significant change,” said Vargas. “When you come and see it, it will almost be like a new experience all over again.”


Apart from the new rides, the theme park is also planning to introduce street entertainment and seasonal shows. The retail side including the F&B and merchandising sections will also be revamped, with new options set to enter the park.


Vargas also confirmed that the ambience will be re-themed in certain areas to bring in more Italian elements, reflecting Ferrari’s roots.


Another aspect of the expansion will be the introduction of new technologies to reduce the time spent waiting in queues.


“These days people are much more demanding of their time and they want to make sure that their time is well spent – they don’t want to feel like you [the park] are causing them any delays,” he said.


“So we are addressing that with innovative never-before-done initiatives that will, in many ways, make the wait-time not just short but almost erase it altogether.”


The expansion process has just started and is expected to be fully completed in three years. The first phase is slated to be ready by the end of this year, and should be operational by 2015, confirmed Vargas. Investment figures were not revealed.


Ticket prices will remain the same at present, but may be increased in the future, he added. A general admission ticket currently costs Dhs240 for adults and Dhs195 for children below 1.3m. A premium admission ticket, which allows fast track access to rides, costs Dhs440 and Dhs365 respectively.


Owned by the Abu Dhabi government and managed and operated by Farah Leisure Parks Management, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi opened in November 2010.



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Nice to hear that.

• 3 existing rides will be enhanced

When I first read this I though: "Give formula rossa a 500 ft tall tophat!!" but then I remembered they have a height limit, don't they?

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^I guess if they wanted the longest coaster it would have been formula rossa with fewer trims after the launch because you would need either a really fast coaster (which is achieved with a fast launch which they already have or a big drop which they can't) or dozens of lifts which would be quite weird, I guess.

I'm just keeping my expectations low and assuming they won't be "big" records (but maybe I'm wrong).

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I was at Ferrari World last week on a stopover flight.

The drop tower g-force was closed down and didn't look like it would reopen any time soon.

It is also removed from the park map, and all signs in the park were also removed.

So maybe it's one of the rides that will be updated?

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Ferrari World Abu Dhabi promises guests triple the fun with its winning mix of live performances this Autumn. The combination of action, adventure, comedy, dance and illusion themed shows is set to thrill audiences of all ages at the theme park from October 2014.


Kicking off the excitement is the brand new "Mission Ferrari" show that blasts into action when the Park's sirens sound to unveil an all-Italian thrill, spills, action adventure unlike anything seen before! The show's astonishing vertical performance is packed full of gravity defying stunts and breathtaking dances to add an enthralling new edge to the Italian secret agent theme.


A new exciting family friendly show "Viva Ferrari" will also make its debut on center stage at the Park's celebrated Cinema Maranello. The dazzling show combines choreographed urban dance and electronic music with a twist of perspective distortion and optical illusion to create a truly unique spectacle. Guests will embark on an epic light adventure as performers fulfil their quest to discover the magical world of the four elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Wind.


The excitement never stops at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi as two new mechanics join the Tyre Change show to perform stand-up comedy sketches. The hilarious duo will certainly give guests the time of their lives as they attempt to prove they are worthy of becoming Pit Crew members of the Scuderia Ferrari.


Meanwhile, RED aficionados can look forward to the additional adrenaline fueled stunts that have been reintroduced to the show.


Commenting on the upcoming shows Victoria Lynn, Park Manager at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi said: "At Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, we aim to give every family member an 'out of this world' experience. Our world-class shows are part of the Park's key-entertainment offering and we are always looking to introduce fresh, innovative talents and performances to provide an even greater Ferrari experience. Starting from October, guests from can anticipate even more thrills, excitement and laughter from our three new shows and with extended opening hours, more people than ever can join in the fun!"


The park operating hours will be extended from 11:00am to 10:00pm from 3rd October until 10th October.

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A reader of Theme Park Review has sent us some new photos from Ferrari World indicating some new developments are on the way for the park!




At the end of the new Mission: Ferrari show, the following message is displayed on the wallast.


Sitting outside is a whole staging area full of a whole mess of brand new coaster embeds (the steelwork that goes inside the concrete footers and serve as the connection point for the footers).

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