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I can judge airtime by looking at other people riding it and the pov itself, to me it doesn't look like there is really any airtime at all and the trims seem to cause that to happen. The most air time on the ride i noticed was on the last hills and it looks like floater air to me.

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Yahoo news article on Formula Rossa. Robb will probably like the second video posted in this article...


After watching both videos this is what someone has to say....

Both look kind of lame. There are no loops or corkscrews. These rides are for 10 year olds.

Typical GP.

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So Spain wants to build their own Ferrari theme park. Apparently they're in talks with Ferrari to build the next Ferrari park in Valencia, Spain.


The first ever Ferrari World theme park may have opened in Abu Dhabi just last week, but other countries are already bidding to host their own racing-themed attraction.


The mayor of Valencia has travelled to Italy to meet with Ferrari chiefs and discuss how the port city - already set to host the Ferrari World Finals this month - could be the ideal European base for another theme park.


Spain was first tipped as one of the frontrunners for a Ferrari World Europe venture a year ago and Valencia is seen as an ideal location as it already hosts a Grand Prix.


The city's officials are said to have recently visited the Abu Dhabi theme park, which boasts the fastest roller coaster in the world and is expected to attract 10,000 tourists a day.


Travelling at 149mph in 4.9 seconds, the ride recreates the G-force felt in a Formula One car and is so fast that riders have to wear safety goggles, just like those a racing driver wears during a Grand Prix.


Thousands of visitors flocked to Abu Dhabi's Yas Island for the theme park’s grand opening last week, which, at over 80,000m², is the world’s largest indoor park.


Its red roof is modelled on the side profile of a Ferrari GT and features the largest prancing horse logo ever created.


The unusual theme park is up against the movie-themed attractions offered by Disney and Universal Studios around the world and it is hoped it will appeal to a different type of theme park visitor.


The park boasts over 20 rides and attractions including a tower ride that shoots riders 62 metres (203 feet) into the air with G-forces that the likes of Lewis Hamilton might experience.


The Fiorano GT Challenge also offers visitors the chance to race their friends in a Ferrari F430 Spider. Other attractions include a flume ride through a Ferrari engine, complete with giant pistons and an exhaust pipe.


Visitors can stroll through a Ferrari paddock, handle tools used during races and train to be part of a pit crew that changes the tyres on an F1 car.


The park also houses the largest collection of classic and modern Ferrari race cars outside of the company's Maranello headquarters in Italy as well as a trattoria inspired by Mamma Rossella's restaurant, a favourite haunt of Ferrari drivers.


The theme park is located just down the road from the Yas Marina Circuit which will host the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix next weekend.


'It brings motor racing. It brings together beautiful GT cars. It brings nostalgia,' said Andy Keeling, the park manager of Ferrari World.


'Let's also not forget it is a great, fun place to go. It's not a museum. It's not a car salesroom. You ride great roller coasters. The icing on the cake is that it's a Ferrari Formula 1 roller coaster.'


General manager Claus Frimand said that the the park offered Ferrari a unique platform to share its 81-year history and attract a legion of new fans.


'We are the ultimate brand experience for Ferrari,' Frimand said. 'We tell the whole story of all the Ferrari victories over time and why it's the biggest of the race teams.’


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New Vid shows brakes. Alot of people not sure if this has been shown or said but re-iterating incase. Formula Rossa has a small set of the retracting brakes right after the launch area. This should clear things up for those wondering "in case of roll back".


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Press release.



Eid Mubarak at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Celebrate this Eid Holiday at the Region’s Newest Leisure Attraction


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: As the Eid break nears, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the world's first Ferrari theme park, now open, is the place to be for the region’s holiday makers. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, which has enthralled and excited guests since it opened its doors to the public on 4 November, is expected to draw fans and families during the upcoming Eid vacation period.


Since opening, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has seen thousands of local and international guests pass beneath its iconic red roof. With a variety of unique attractions, including the flagship Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest roller coaster, the park has been designed to appeal to all members of the family.


Andy Keeling, Park Manager of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi said: “We’re expecting Ferrari World Abu Dhabi to be a destination of choice during the upcoming holidays. Eid is a time to connect with family and loved ones - what better way to do that than to share an unforgettable day out at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.”


Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will be open throughout the Eid holiday, including Monday November 15, from 12 noon to midnight.


And I should be there tomorrow.

Woo hoo



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First test of "Formula Rossa" with people on it That's looking great and faster than the pov !!

What's happening in the vid:

1. Loading the train is to slow, once again!

2. Systemfailure, tires are to hot!

3. The've to hit the green button at the same time, failed 2 times

4. Launch! Swooooooosh




Some interresting informations on that monitor:


-Daily Dispatches: 110

-Total Dispatches: 529

-Coasting Time: 7.382

-Total Speed: 240.34 kph

-Tower Speed: 105.55 kph

-Brake Speed: 586.83 kph!!


If Tower Speed means "Speed after the brakes on the first hill" it sucks


And it looks a little bit bumpy ...

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I wish everyone would realize that this ride wasn't built to be an airtime machine but instead to reach ridiculously high speeds and to simulate riding in an F1 car. Last time I checked, they don't have any airtime either.


Ding ding ding!


This looks like a great ride for positive Gs.

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I wish everyone would realize that this ride wasn't built to be an airtime machine but instead to reach ridiculously high speeds and to simulate riding in an F1 car. Last time I checked, they don't have any airtime either.


Nor do they have lots of hills or seriously banked turns. Clearly, they also wanted a rollercoaster experience or they would've called it the "worlds fastest F1 simulator".


As a coaster, I just can't get excited about this.

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I guess it just amazes me that there can be such pure disappointment in this ride. The prospect of launching to 150mph is enough to sell me, really. And this is more of a "roller coaster experience" than something like Top Thrill Dragster, which I'm sure has less airtime than this thing*. And not all "roller coaster experiences" have significant amounts of airtime.


*Of course, I can't make sure a statement accurately because I have never ridden Formula Rossa myself, in person, flesh and blood.

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I guess it just amazes me that there can be such pure disappointment in this ride. The prospect of launching to 150mph is enough to sell me, really.


I think where the disappointment comes in is that we've all been hyped up over the prospect of "world's fastest coaster" for quite some time now and then we find out that you're at the record-breaking speed for a very, very, short time before hitting a slew of trims.


I think that there would be widespread disappointment to find that any new coaster is trimmed to death before it even opens, but to hype it as the world's fastest and then slow it WAY down right after it gets up speed is beyond disappointing, it's sacrilege.


Also, those huge sweeping turns make it look like the thing is designed to run at full speed. Too bad it doesn't.

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