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Disneyland Paris (DLP) Discussion Thread

p. 53 - Symphony of Color drone show and daytime parade announced!

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You can found in the end of this page the layout of the coaster with queue, dark ride part, coaster part and the outside part.



For the coaster part (Xtended Spinning Coaster 2000 de Maurer Söhne):


no custum layout...

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Nemo themed huh? Please don't tell Gavin. He still hasn't found out about Mosters Inc at DCA yet either. It's a big hush, hush.


Well considering you have to hush hush about the submarine ride there too, good luck buddy! Unless of course, he's already seen the construction walls there at DL.


And this is in Paris, so it might take Gavin a weeee bit longer to find out about it, heh heh.


But thanks for the "heads up."


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BUMPing this up, with the pic of some foundation construction here. Photo thanks to www.DLP.info -


If you look back to the original concept drawings in this thread, that upper 'opening' in the front wall there (left end of) - that's where the coaster cars should enter the 'submarine' lying precariously on an upright angle (i.e. lift hill).


The opening on the right of that wall is most-likely the 'exit' of the cars, into the loading/unloading area, which is in front of the foundation there, not 'mapped out' just yet.




One wonders if they'll build the show building like they did with RnR. That being, coaster built first, then the show building up and over it all...

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This park is going to be awesome when they open this and TOT. Can't wait to see what the theming looks like once the coaster's built. hopefully it isn't that cardboard-cutout stuff we've seen on some recent rides. Thanks for the update!

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I love DLP but this coaster seems a bit................................cheap for Disney, a bit like Indiana Jones but the themeing on that, made the coaster. So maybe this will be the same?


Well Disney Imagineering make the best themeing/landscpaing in the world, and this coaster is said to be themed to being under water, how cool is that?


Disney have bought a cheap ride, but they will make it look 100 million dollars!


How do Disney do it? No where else in the world can offer what Disney can

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There's a pretty interesting model there that shows the track leaves the ride building on the facade. Will be cool if it actually does that, kind of conflicts with the blueprints though...


As for the cars ride, I'm surprised they went in that direction... A test track style ride themed to the movie "Cars" would be awesome. I'm looking forward to the release of that movie, at my age that frightens me...


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^ Yes, it is (what I have read) - from the looks of the concept artwork and schematics (seen on earlier previous pages here?), it looks like they will have a pair of them at angles close to each other, to make the figure 8's a bit more.... um..... edgy?


And - not trackless, by the way. This isn't like Winnie The Pooh at TDL. These are in a conveyance system that 'trades' each vehicle at the (ahem) crossroads in the middle of the '8'. The first one of these was the Kelp Kups in Ariel's Kingdom in TDS. Then, the Lady Bug Boogie at Bug's Land in DCA. Now, Cars at DLP's Toon Studios.


But, this one looks like it'll have quite the themeing around it and in the line building, etc.


And then, once you've seen the movie CARS... I mean, you'll have to get the Paris and ride/see/interact for yourself!


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Looks like there's a good deal of track construction (framework & rails) starting to happen within the "Soundstage" building that Crush will be in:


Many thanks to Paul and www.dlrp.fr for the great photo updates of both this area and the Tower of Terror going up, too. And BUZZ too, of course!


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Track work is near completion, the only part left is the station and the "dark ride" part before the lift hill.


Am I the only person who thinks that this is a bit of a "cheap" coaster for Disney to get, but I'm sure the Imagineers will wisk their magic to it & make it amazing, but I just can't help but think its a bif of a cheap coaster like that Magic Mouse at Animal Kingdom, but never mind.




Thanks to www.dlp.info

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