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Disneyland Paris (DLP) Discussion Thread

p. 54 - Walt Disney Studios Park to become Disney Adventure World!

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I am in awe looking at it all.


And it 'looks' like they are going to send off,

three vehicle 'rats' at a time, yes? No?


(EDIT to add, Actually it looks like six 'rats'

might be released at a time! Huh.)

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^ I would say 3 at the same time with the second movie(?) being twice as long as the first. So group A enters scene 1 watch something go to scene 2, Group B comes in scene 1 watch the same thing and take place in the other side as group A is still watching. Group A leaves and Group C takes their place as B is still watching scene 2. After B leaves D takes their place as C still occupies the other screen. You get the point from here.


*Note: Scene 1 are the 3 strips in the bigger room next to each other. Scene 2 are the two halve circled giant screens with the 3 places in front of it.

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^ Well, it's going to be exciting to find out, once it opens next year!

But yes, I understand that logic with dispatching the vehicles 3 at a time.

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  • 2 weeks later...

After looking at the plans for the layout etc. I am wondering

how the restaurant and gift shop are going to be configured

into the attraction's show building design. I know the restaurant

is at the other corner or the set up. Still, I am curious about it.


Perhaps the restaurant may be two story, with the dining area

on the second floor.


Just a thought.

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Euro Disney Associés S.C.A., the real estate developer OTI (Legendre Group subsidiary), and the B&B Hotels chain, announce the upcoming construction of a new Selected Hotel to be located near to Disneyland Paris. Nestled in the heart of the Val de France district at Magny le Hongre, this new B&B Hotels property will feature 400 family rooms, a breakfast lounge as well as a Disney gift shop. It will integrate the Disneyland Paris "Selected Hotels" group and will offer guests a number of services such as free shuttle buses to the parks, park tickets available at Reception, Disney Express...


Designed by Euro Disney's urban planning workshop and the architecture firm, Arcas, this new development will incorporate distinctive architectural styles while remaining consistent with the other hotel programs and neighboring residential properties.


Each building will be positioned in such a way as to connect with the existing woodlands and reflect the peaceful atmosphere of a cloister with its gardens. The "Pavilion" will welcome hotel guests in its amazing rotunda-shaped centerpiece with a clear south facing view over the local basin situated at the heart of the district. It is an oasis of tranquility for all the families residing in the hotel.


This new property, scheduled to open end of 2015, will come as a complementary addition to the existing offer available at Disneyland Paris, 5 largest hotel hub in France and Europe's leading tourist destination.


"With this new value hotel, we are delighted to present the public with a quality offer and amazing architecture, this development is also the successful achievement of a sustained partnership between the main project leaders. We would like to thank the teams at OTI / Legendre, B&B Hotels, Arcas and Jones Lang LaSalle for their contribution towards local tourism development" states Francis Borezée - Vice President of Real Estate and Tourism development for Euro Disney.


"Further to the Legendre Group's successful participation on the Place de Toscane, the group's real estate developer, OTI, welcomes this opportunity to build its largest hotel, particularly thanks to the professionalism and application of the teams at Euro Disney and B&B Hotels. We extend special thanks to our internal and external consultants and designers: Arcas, CEI Ouest and OTI, for their proactive approach and efficiency" asserts Benoît Chantreuil, Managing Director OTI.


"The B&B Hotels Group is proud to be collaborating with Euro Disney and its teams on this ambitious development next to Disneyland Paris. This is the first-of-its-kind project for B&B Hotels, as this property will feature of 400 rooms, and will be the largest unit developed by the group. A further demonstration of our ability to adapt to local preferences in order to develop meaningful projects for our brand" affirms Laurent Bonnefous – Business Development Director and Member of B&B Hotels Management Board.


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Recent Ratatouille "Kitchen Calamity" construction photos have been released at Disney And More.

The last shot really shows the details they're putting into the walls, etc.


Over view shot of the new area.


The Restaurant, Gusteau's.


The attraction entrance.


Corner facade on the cast costume building.


With Disney, it's all in the detailing. (o:

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Here's a few new construction shots of Ratatouille, posted at Disney and More.


The red tarp, covering part of what used to be (or still is, in part?) the

costuming department, will now have a "Parisian store" there, as people

walk into the themed area.


View of the area, to the right of the Toy Story Land entrance. And a fountain will be ahead of us there, too!


Overall view of the site.


A bit closer. Gusteau's Restaurant in the left and middle sections; attraction entrance to it's right.


Overall view, with the store at the right, where the red tarp is.

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  • 4 weeks later...

New construction photos posted of the Ratatouille area, from DisneyAndMore.


Part of Gusteau's Restaurant.


Moving over from Gusteau's to the main attraction show building.


Main entrance on the right; FastPass entrance left of that; possible Single Riders Line door, as well.


Costume Dept. building getting nice and semi-themed, lol. Only the part the GP will be able to see.


Parisian storefront facades still going up, here. The fountain (yet to be) installed, will probably be the finishing touch to the area.


And this is ready for Gusteau's Sign to be installed. Seen from Toy Story Land's Parachute ride. Ah, sight-lines...

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1st exclusive look at «Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy» due to open in 2014 in Walt Disney Studios


This attraction will be a ride with state of the art technology, you will be so small as a rat and have an exciting adventure through Gusteau's restaurant, it will feature scenes from the movie.


The ride vehicle will move trackless and also move on it's own


MOD EDIT: I merged your topic with our already existing Paris Disney Discussion thread, as we like to keep this information in one place. Thank you for sharing the photos. cfc


The first official visual of the ride is presented today by Disneyland Paris


The building site of the attraction











Edited by cfc
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Wow, this thing looks unbelievable. I really liked the Ratatouille movie so I'm sure I'll love the ride. t would be awesome if they could find a way to squeeze a version of this thing into the Paris section of Epcot eventually.


I mean, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and now Paris have themselves a version of the trackless dark ride, FLorida and California are naturally next right?

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Great to see that DLP is getting something new, and Ratatouille is a really goods choice. Not to mention the concept itself is pretty great with the giant props and the perspective of a rate being chased through a kitchen.


I hope this is a sign that Disney is taking notice of some people claiming that DLP has been neglected by them recently. Though I haven't been following that story too closely, so those claims might be baseless.

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I'm impressed as usual by Disney. I wouldn't normally think Ratatouille was the best choice for an attraction but that looks amazing. And I agree that Florida or California needs a trackless ride soon!


Isn't the dark ride part of Tower of Terror in Florida trackless?

Technically so is GMR and Ellen, but he meant in the style of Pooh, Mystic Manor, or this ride.

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I wouldn't normally think Ratatouille was the best choice for an attraction but that looks amazing.


Did not really think using a French character in France wasn't a good choice.


Can someone remind me where the attraction will be located in the park?

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