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Disneyland Paris (DLP) Discussion Thread

p. 54 - Walt Disney Studios Park to become Disney Adventure World!

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I've been a Tiesto fan for years! But, I can't see Tiesto appealing to a Disney crowd. Maybe people in Paris have a more eclectric taste in music??


They totally should put a trance sountrack on SM2. That would make it a beautiful ride - unless of course, the "new" SM2 beats the sh*t outta your head like the old one reportedly did.




(they should have brought in Ferry Corsten too)

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Let's get a few misunderstandings out of the way... The Tiësto-show won't be at daytime. Tiësto will make his appearance at night, when Disneyland's normal operating day is long over. You also need to buy a special ticket for this event. So, no regular parkguests will be 'harmed' by this show . I, on the other hand, have made my reservations for a cool weekend at Disneyland Resort Paris!

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The website isn't the style I expected. They used far too happy looking actors and the whole Jules Verne thing is lost. Anyway, the concept arts still look better than that damn website, and the soundtrack music is just so amazing! Let's hope that they'll put it on a special SMM2 album together with the Tiesto remix

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I'll be visiting SM:M2 the 3rd of April (a week before the offical opening) at the shareholders meeting! I'll see if I can make some intresting pics/video! But I'm not going to give the whole bit away! Therefore you've got to ride it yourself !


Enjoy these for now (the new trains on a testrun):




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Hey there!


Sebastian has just sent me some scans of a brochure from SM:Mission 2. Check them out:


Here's a Space Mountain themed crossworld puzzle for you....(of course it's all in French, maybe Elissa can solve it!)


Hey! They've transported Florida's version of Space Mountain to Paris! =)


The cover of the brochure.

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Interesting to see they still have all the "DM" logos around from when the ride was going to be called "Discovery Mountain." I should scan in the pics I took of the entrance sign about 6 months before the ride opened when the "Discovery Mountain" marquee was up.


Here's one of the constuction photos I took with the DM logo:



You can see what I mean in this photo:



At least they have removed the DM logos from the sides of the train:



And replaced them with the new Mission 2 logos:




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yesterday, three day's before public opening on 9 april, there was a press event planned for Space Mountain Mission 2...


all details read here http://www.dlp.info/Guide/News-And-Rumours/Specials/SM-M2-Press-Event.asp


one of the best parts = ".... making for a still rather rough ride – on the other hand which space trip past meteors, comets and super novas is smooth?"

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