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Disneyland Paris (DLP) Discussion Thread

P. 52: Mickey’s PhilharMagic adding new "Coco" sequence!

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They definitely need to fix the studios first. Even with Toy Story land opening, that park is extremely small, and I like it the least out of all Disney Parks (never been to Hong Kong though). Of course, until they can get rid of the rude employees (never going to happen), it will always be the worst.

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^I agree, but the same was probably said about MGM before Animal Kingdom!


...and Animal Kingdom opened up as a gargantuan disappointment, did it not? Given AK's size, and everything that Disney could do in the space that it had. DAK was Disney's largest theme park in terms of sheer size when it opened, IIRC, and when it opened, the reaction was more of, "That's it?" I don't see that as a terribly good precedent to follow.


A few years ago, Disneyland CA decided to improve its 2nd gate before building any sort of 3rd gate, even though Disney had the land and all the blessings they needed. Disneyland Paris ought to take a gander at what investing $1 Billion to improve the 2nd gate rather than spending it on a 3rd gate with frills looks like, before choosing the latter.

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I think Elissa's point was that one park not yet fully developed didn't stop them from expanding at WDW, so it certainly shouldn't stop them at DLP either.


FWIW, this to me seems like a procedural move. Get the approvals now so construction is ready when the time is right. Just like USH is doing with their vision plan.

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Is a water park an option for the area? It's good to see they are planning on expanding for the future. One can only hope they have learned the lessons from the issues faced by AK, DCA, Disney Studios, DLP, etc., when it comes time to plan the actual attraction and retail mix of the new park.

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They definitely need to fix the studios first. Even with Toy Story land opening, that park is extremely small, and I like it the least out of all Disney Parks (never been to Hong Kong though). Of course, until they can get rid of the rude employees (never going to happen), it will always be the worst.


After 11 trips to WDW between 1989 - 2008, I made my first trip to DLP 2 weeks ago. You are spot on about the the staff; rude, miserable, ignorant, sending cars round half empty. This was not the Disney experience I know and love.


I'm not sure what else they could actually do with the Studios to 'fix them'. It seems like they are fairly full and I'm not sure how much room they have around the edge for further expansion?


One thing I would suggest though is Fastpass for Crush. I never saw the queue below 75mins, we gave it a miss as we were only there for a few days. Is there a known reason why it isn't Fastpass?




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^^I would assume no for the water park. I mean, they don't seem to like water very much as they don't even have a Splash Mountain! Plus remember that it snows and gets icy in the winter time, not too water park friendly!


Doesn't Tokyo have the same issue? You guys looked pretty cold riding Splash Mountain in your New Year's Eve 2006 Disney Tokyo video. Or are the Japanese just tougher than the French?

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1. Japanese >>>>> French

2. Tokyo may get a few flurries here and there, but Paris gets full on snow and ice!


And do keep in mind that we were some of the only people riding Splash Mountain that day! Stupid snowing freezing Splash Mountain! Oh well, I had my kickass Chip and Dale Tokyo Disney scarf to keep me warm!

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^^^ To quote one of my favorite Ned Flanders' moments, "A rude Frenchman? Well, I NEVER...!"


I am curious to hear what they'll do for a third gate... Given the general French tolerance for the darker sides of human nature, maybe we'll get that all-villains-themed "Shadowlands" park that seemed to be a fun rumor many years ago... Or maybe "Existentialand." Mickey, Minnie, Donald, the whole gang, sitting around smoking Gauloise cigarettes, looking bored...

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Ok few things...


1. Am I the only person who likes the movie park? I think it's great. It was bad before Crush and Tower of Terror but since then and the addition of Toystory I think its great. I go every year. Remeber if you factor in the queue times for all the rides there is enough to do all in one day. If there was more i'd say you'd have to not do some stuff. I prefer parks that take one day than multiple visits to do everything but in saying that I do love re rides!


2. Fastpass on Crush would never work becasue of it's low capacity the general queue would be huge then. I'd ignore the wait time suggestion on this one. I've queued several times in all the queue lines they have to offer on crush from the entrance turnstil and it only takes 45 minutes. Also when bording if you have the option boare the shell goin backwards. This offers the best sensation when goining down the first drop.


3. I think it's too cold for a water park or water ride. Disney aims for all year round opening and it would be too cold september to april for water. I doubt indoor will ever fly.


4. As a European I dont think the marvel idea will work. When growing up marvel was very samll in our entertainment bracket. It didnt hit our mainstream until the big movie names so I would say a lot of Europeans wouldnt get it. (before anyone gives out i'm including every country in Europe not just the west where we would know marvel more than the east). Whereas Disney is global and had movies out through my childhood and would recognise a Disney brand moreso than if they slapped their name on marvel.


5. As some else stated I think this is provisonal planning for the future so they can make a 20 year plan not something that will start building next year. I'm sure the movie studios will expand more but i think it's great already. And remember we have the retheme of Star Tours in 2012 so i'd say they have a new ride opeining somewhere in either park to buffer that closing.

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OK, now I´m a little bit confused...


I read a german article about the press release of disney here and they mentioned that the new themepark itself will be the "Les Villages Nature de Val d'Europe" (Nature Villages of the Europe Valley). It sounds a little bit like an Epcot thing with an "eco-touch" than technological progress, I had to think about the World Show Case of Epcot or something like that mixed with a style of Disney California Adventure Park.


For example they can take some scenery of the alpes and rhone villages and we got a Ötzi the Iceman-Version of Expedition Everest - OK, just kidding.


Don´t know wether this german newspaper - which normaly is really serious - translated something wrong, but what they mentioned about Disney´s Plans would make more sense to me than the english press release, cause we can´t read anything about their plans for the new park there. Otherwise I remember the whole german newspapers still talk about a new Harry Potter Theme Park, so they can be wrong in this case, too.



EDIT: BTW, didn´t recognize this on the forum before. On this newspaper page, there was a link from Nov. 2009 - here -, where they talk critical about an other Disney Park project in Shanghai??? That was new for me, but I guess you already knew about.


... OK, I find the Topic...

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Police say a cleaning man at Disneyland Paris amusement park has died after a ride he was working was accidentally turned on. The 53-year-old employee of a park subcontractor was severely injured while working on the "It's A Small World" attraction and taken by helicopter to a hospital where he died.


Police say a preliminary investigation indicates the worker got trapped beneath a boat on the ride when it was inadvertently turned on before dawn Wednesday.


A Disneyland Paris spokesman said the ride has been closed until further notice as the police investigation continues.


The park is one of Europe's biggest tourist attractions.

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Elissa, that´s dark humor with a truth in it


I have to revoke my last post, cause of this article:

Euro Disney ponders superheroes theme park

EuroDisney is considering building a Marvel-themed

superheroes theme park after signing a fresh 20-year pact

with the French government, the owners of the undeveloped


Philippe Gas, the chief executive of Euro Disney, said one idea for a

third park is 'a superheroes park' following the acquisition of Marvel by


The new agreement enables the group, in which the Walt Disney Company holds a 40pc stake, to

continue building on the site in Marne-la-Vallée outside of Paris for a further 13 years.

The news of more development to the site follows an announcement earlier this year that the resort

was badly hit by the economic downturn. Attendance slid 8pc to 6.5m in the first half of the year

to the end of March, leaving it with a net loss of €114m (£95m).

In the latest deal with the French government, the deadline by which Euro Disney would have to

develop the land has been extended from 2017 to 2030, to provide the time needed to construct a

third theme park.

Philippe Gas, the chief executive of Euro Disney, said one idea for a third park is "a superheroes

park" following the acquisition of Marvel by Disney - although the construction of a third park is a

long-term vision. Mr Gas said there is a possibility that a decision to build a third park could come

as late as 2020, although it may come earlier if planned work on the Disney Studios park is


The French government originally gave consent for Disneyland Paris to be built on the condition

that Disney would only buy pockets of land in stages once previous plots have been developed. It

was France's first regional development public-private partnership.

Euro Disney said earlier this year that it had made €47m from the sale of land to French

commercial property group Klepierre and French insurer AXA.

Under the new agreement, French authorities have simultaneously agreed to increase the number

of hectares available for Euro Disney to develop, from 1,943 to 2,230.


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Hi Everyone, My family and I (15 of us) are hitting up DLP in the last week of october - we aren't staying on site but we have 2 1 day/2 park tickets. What would be the best way to spend that time and which days do you think will be best in that week??


Thanks in advance,



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I would say during the week is your best bet, like Monday-Thursday. I think the two busiest areas will be the new Toy Story Area at the studios, and Crush's Coaster at the Studios. I would probably head over there first thing in the morning, possibly even both mornings depending on how crowded it is. As for the rest of the days, just make sure you use the Fastpasses. If you have a print at home ticket, it will give you nightmares at the Fastpass machines because they won't be able to read them. If you complain enough, and the french employee decides to; 1. Acknowledge you exist, 2. Actually listen to you, 3. Decides your problem warrants a response, (The chances of getting past number one are less than 10%) you can get what looks like a white entry ticket with Fastpass written on it. This acts as a replacement for you print at home ticket and will work much better at the machines. They usually don't have any employees stationed at the Fastpass machines to assist the guest, that would be too customer focused, so if your print at home ticket doesn't work (it won't half the time), then you are just out of luck. We learned this the second day and by having the 'working' ticket, we saved a ton of time. Oh, and if you see a young lady setting up the Crepe stand near Space Mountains Fastpass entrance, punch her in the face for us. She earned the title of rudest theme park employee EVER! On another note, make sure you take flash pictures of the shooting range in Frontierland!

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