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Ripped Off Disney things!!!

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How about Paddle Wheel Excursions... it that a rip off of the Jungle Cruise?


Of course, I think I was ripped off of 2+ years of my life telling those stupids jokes all summer long while working the damn ride.


Oh, and the paddlewheel boats aren't on tracks! That was a skill I put in day after day.

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Space Mountain at Some Jap Park called Dream World.




Take a look at the rest of those pics.


Funny though, this ride was originally once a good Australian Ride at the 1988 Expo 88 at Brisbane.




Sometimes you gotta wonder how good we have it in the states...Just imagine if the theming on Space Mountain was as bad as that. Those look like those lights you get at Walmart for 5 dollars.

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The MGM had a rapids ride called Grand Canyon Rapids. It's close enough. They had bears on that ride that had green mold growing all over them. My family started calling them the moldy bears because of that. Too bad that park is gone now.

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