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RETRO Photo TR: SFMM 2002

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Time for another Retro Photo TR! Back in college, I joined ASG (Associated Student Government) and was a Senator for a year and then went off to become a VP for another. This was one of our many retreats, back in January of 2002. Although this one is not as retro as I'd like it to be, it was one of the best times I've ever had at SFMM. I'll let the pictures tell the story. Enjoy!


Oh, but the night is not quite over. One of our Senators decided to keep those who stayed awake entertained with some exotic dancing.


One last shot of the park from the parking lot. And we say a fond farewell to the Mountain. Thanks for an awesome time!


Some couldn't wait to hurl after a day of coasters. Our president, Randy, does us proud.


Here's a group shot with Valencia Falls (is that what it's called?) in the background.


One last ride on Goldrusher. Some of of us just can't seem to stay awake.


Time for some Goliath goodness. I know not many people on the boards like this coaster, but I enjoy it very much!


I'll let everyone guess what point this is in the ride. I hurt my back taking this picture, but it was totally worth it. You don't get many "Kodak moments" like this one.


I guess some of us are more excited than others!


Hey, who'se that loser on the right? A quick shot of me and Brandy before rushing for gold (ok, bad joke).


Most of the crew in line for X. Two or three chickened out... pansies!


My friend Jaime. I guess she can't wait to ride Colossus in the background.


Sigh... I miss gas prices like those. To think, those were considered pretty expensive back then!


Here's the crew up and early ready to hit the Mountain. We stayed in a motel somewhere in Castaic.

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