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2 Birthday Partys On 1 Day


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How are you allowed to drive 120kp/h (74mph for us mile fanatics) on a back road? I think the fastest back road you can drive over here (or at least in my areas) is like 50-55mph.


You are allowed ti drive 100 km/h on a back road! However, I was a bit faster! You´ll lost you driver license in German, if you more then 21 km/h to fast! Another good point: On the most motorways we have no speed limit!



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Nice photos Sören.

But don't drink and drive.


You are right, but remember, I only had one chmapagne and one Jägermeister! I think for all the food I had, that is not so much and that was really all! I am not crazy, I know when I had to much for driving a car! Normally I only drink one beer and not more, when I have to drive!



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Photo TR: "2 Birthday Partys On 1 Day"! Part 2

The whole day good food and drinks!


First of all I have to say: Sorry guys,

but I have only a few pictures! The most person of the other part of my family dont want to see some pictures online! Thats why I only can post these 5 pictures!

However, it was nice there. My grandmom made a few very good cakes and the dinner was fantastic! All in all it was a good day and I met my whole family on this day!

Oh, be sure I had no alcohol there, becuase I had to drive a car!




One last picture! =) Thanks for reading!


Yes, the food was awesome!


yeah, more good cake!


The only picture with persons, that I can post! My grandmom and a friend of the family!


mmhhhh, some good selfmade cake! =)

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