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Random photo tr New Orleans part two


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I could have added to the other Katrina thread but felt it better to make this seperate.

Yes, most of the city is devastated and needs rebuilding but i do want to show that if you were, or are planning to come to new orleans you should.


What do you come to New Orleans for?

To see boobs, penis and party!

Thats right, contrary to popular belief, in exchange for a pair of beads you can also see a penis!


In this photo report i decided not to show the destruction that is minimal in the Quarter. Some things you just can't get around but you will see that the quarter is operational and New Orleans needs you to come out and party!


Be prepared cause in this report you will see a man blowing bubbles with his farts and an ACE member on bourbon st!


This is the Causeway bridge. It is 24 miles long.I live on the northshore.So i drive cross lake.


Going home. This is lake Pontchartrain and you see city in distance more to right


Another shot on jackson square


Getting married on jackson square.


Back of jackson square. See, yall can come to, have fun and get drunk.


OMFG! Handgrenades! These are awesome! Come on over. I'll have a few with you!


ACE member and his cool patch jacket.He really sad he can't get Megazeph credit


Cariage moves, Aww dang! Another katrina raviged fridge! If you only knew what they smelled like now.


Common sight,horse drawn carraige on bourbon.


This New Oleanian found his bench survived the storm and he moved back.


Sorry, Riverwalk won't be open for another week or so. Still lots to see and do! Come on over!


This nice fountain greets you as you near the Riverwalk


Thats right! we have a busy port! Lots of big boats always comming through.


The front panel.Each panel is panted in similar fashion to create the complete piece


Move around farther and then see this. I guess thats how it works.


Move around a bit ,stop and see a design.


Side veiw of art installed last winter


The mighty miss sippy!


Tanner, who is set just round the corner said i need to show yall we here and yall need to come visit!


Jackson Square! Come see it before the next storm takes it out!


The original Cafe Du Monde. We need you to fill those empty seats!


Ahhh, here you can buy lots of stuff to wear while you get drunk!Not enough tourists!Come on down!


:-(Normally these cases full of hand dipped chocolates.Not open yet.Wish we had Sees here.i love Sees candy.


Normally all seats would be filled. Come on over, we need you to fill the empty seats.


Normaly fruit and veggies sold here. Maybe they will be back soon!


OMG!He is blowing bubbles with farts! Yes, you do hear fart sounds when he lifts the wand.


An interesting find outside of a shop.What is he doing?


The quarter is very old.It always looks like this.Except for the Katrina raviged fridge on the sidewalk


Due to the disaster and lack of city workers there is the odd anount of trash still around. Your here to get drunk though! Just watch your step.


Usually vendors fill this to both sides and tourists pack the area. Not quite today but we are still alive here.

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I visited New Orleans several years ago, and had a Incredible Time!


I hope this Great City can Recover from the Hurricane Damage Etc....


I look foward to my Next Trip to this Unique and Amazing City!!!


If you haven't been to New Orleans, You really Need to Visit! You Won't be Disappointed!

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River walk recieved roof damage and water damage from rain that came in. It also experienced looting.

BIGGEST problem getting buisiness's back open is there is no one here to work. If there were people here to work in the shops it would once again be open.

Same for my area across the lake. Most fast food chains only open and serve from drive through. You can't go in sit down and eat. Every where you look you see Help wanted and now hiring signs.


There where two cruise ships docked by Riverwalk but thats it. they are idle right now. The paddle wheels are not operating either.


As soon as more people move back in and start work things get more back to normal. Problem is the homes are not available to come back to. Some buissiness's have re opened but don't have customers and they are close to closing again.


It will most likely be a LONG time before we get back to normal. I feel the city and the tourism there will come back fairly quick but as for the residence is concerned that might change drastically. Maybe for the better though. As they say, only time will tell.


Matt, the bridge ends on the other side.

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