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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

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The brakes on the Giant are rare earth magnets, not electro. They are a combination of actuating and static. The actuators use compressed air to stay open and fail closed. Neither of the magnetic brakes physically touch the fins.



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^ Yea, I wasn't really thinking that it would be ready by then, but I though I heard that it was opening on March 5th somewhere (I think it was by some employee at the park). But hey, if nothing goes wrong during testing, it might just happen. I remember in 2008, Big Spin opened a couple of weeks earlier than expected. I just want to go on opening day, so I guess we'll just have to wait until the park releases a date. I would really like to get some nice offride footage on opening day too

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I'm going to drive out there tomorrow to get some updated pics from outside the park. Last I drove by, it looked like they had filled in all the gaps on the track. Doesnt take long for them to fix these things. Can't wait til testing starts so we can actually see if this thing runs. Maybe soon enough. It's going to be weird now that the Chapparel cars entry is moving out of the official Texas section. Been riding that as long as I can remember. Well hopefully this is the beginning of good changes to come to SFOT.

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