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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

P.. 420: Pirates of Speelunker Cave announced for 2022!

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The park was packed today. When we arrived, the park only had about 500 people in the gate. I stopped and asked a Jimmy in park services how many people were in the park around 7pm, they boasted about 19,000. Considering Gotham City, Flashback, all water rides, the oil derreck, and Texas Giant are all closed, plus next week is finals week at most of the local schools, that's a pretty phenominal turnout. The crowds haven't been this heavy in years. Looks like good things might be coming to SFOT. Hopefully they put as much effort into the rest of the park as they have on HITP.


Posted a Holiday in the Park TR in the Theme Parks, Rollercoasters, Sheesh section in the Forum. Check it out to see the great holiday lights around SFOT this year.

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The crowds haven't been this heavy in years.


The park has had huge crowds during HIP over the last 4 or 5 years, especially on Saturdays and the 2 weeks when school is out. I've parked in the back of the overflow lot more than once on HIP visits in recent years.

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Figured I'd throw in what I got today, the chain gang was still out at 4pm, they all packed it up and left around 5:15. Interesting to watch how they do it, I figured they just mount a winch at the top of the hill and start pulling, but as I saw, it's much more complex...


station shot, they had the lights on in the station, and a chair in place for the supervisor.


and several shots of the chain install






waiting for me


ok ok, and all of you too!!


there was a lot of welding going on on the transfer track. Looked like they were installing the drive motors



you have to look hard, but they are there



and for some classic ride shots to end the day.







sorry Texas, in Oklahoma we point longhorns down

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^^haha, why thank you sir Thrills! YES YES! Queue news everybody! Photos to come but basically it seems that Giant's queue will be consuming the current queue for Chaparral cars! There is a new entrance, exit, and queue being built for Chaps along the midway between the Lonestar Theater and the Oil Derrick. Here is a satellite mapout of what's being done and I'll show my pics tomorrow.




I am just wondering why the flying carpet finale to giant is referred to as "which we do not speak of"

Because we didn't want to jinx that portion of the ride for getting a total makeover because we loved it so much as it was.

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I was wondering if they were going to expand the queue for the expected crowds or if they were just going to go Kings Island old school on it and paint a path on the ground with the TG logo in it or something.


If you stretched out the queue into a single file line, how far back would it need to go? Back to Spain, maybe, or would you run it towards Runaway Mtn and take that little cut through to Looney Tunes?


[edited to add:]

"Excuse me, sir, what are you in line for?"

"The New Texas Giant."

"But this is Looney Tunes Land"

"Yeah, I know. This is the end of the line. See the stripe on the ground?"

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There is no good way to route overflow for that queue it seems. All along I thought if you bring it out to the left, you block the train station, restrooms, hot dog stand, patio and popcorn stand. If you go the right you block out Chaps, Giant's exit, Boot Scootin, and the woodshop but then have plenty of midway to eat up on the path towards Lonestar Theater. You can still see the temporary queue pole holes in the midway there from what I think may have been Giant's overflow in 1990 (can anyone confirm this?). I think I remember waiting in line out there opening year. Anyway, Giant's current entry in that little dead end plaza is pretty much unavailable for overflow without blocking many other things.

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Giant's queue in 1990 was in the area that goes under the train tracks and that now lead to Titan. That wide, sloping area leading past the log flume was all switchback queues, then it went under the bridge and to the stairs at the base of the station. The overflow queue did, I believe, cross the path near the sign shop and continue down the midway you're talking about. There was an attendant monitoring the queue, since they had to have a gap in it to let folks through who wanted to ride the train, eat at the food stand, or find the restroom.


...at least that's the way I remember it. There have been a lot of mind-shaking Giant rides since then!

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^ haha. I do very much remember the queue before Titan. I used to watch the logride while I waited in line. I just had a hard time recalling the overflow. I remember getting measured at least three times before even making it into the actual queue for the ride (I was barely 7 years old at the time).

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I made a good friend because of that queue. He and I were next to each other in line, he hadn't been to the park in many years. We struck up a conversation and after about an hour of waiting, he mentioned that he doesn't ride "the big rides".

He thought he was in line for the log flume, lol!

I convinced him to ride Giant anyway, in the front seat. He (a stocky, bald, bearded grizzly bear of a man) screamed like a girl the whole time. He could barely walk when it was over and I figured that my life was about to be shortened considerably as soon as they released the restraints!

I ended up talking him into every coaster in the park that day. We're still friends, and he still won't ride anything unless I'm there to talk him into it.

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A subject I don't think has been touched on yet in this thread:


What's this thing going to sound like? Tubular steel rails are hollow, but I'm not sure if these are or not. Will there be any resonance as the trains roll around the track? Without a box beam, I don't think we'll get a 'roar' like B&M, but I'm pretty sure it won't sound like a woodie, either.


Any thoughts?

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It's now official: this is the one "must ride" coaster of 2011 for me. Don't know when, don't know how, but I'm getting to Texas.


As for the sounds this might make, I'd imagine that CP's Gemini would be the thing to listen to as a guide? Been so long since I've ridden that coaster that I don't recall any defining characteristics...

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It's now official: this is the one "must ride" coaster of 2011 for me. Don't know when, don't know how, but I'm getting to Texas.


As for the sounds this might make, I'd imagine that CP's Gemini would be the thing to listen to as a guide? Been so long since I've ridden that coaster that I don't recall any defining characteristics...


I believe Gemini is just an oversized mine train that has those polyurethane or whatever in the hell they are made of wheels. It really doesn't make any kind of noise. These trains look to have all steel wheels which should create a pretty unique squeal.

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