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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

P.. 420: Pirates of Speelunker Cave announced for 2022!

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Ok, so I made an 8 hour round trip drive today, and I'm exhausted. Special thanks to Robb and Elissa for posting the original pics off of my cell phone. Stupid Plam WebOS, wouldn't let me attach a picture, guess I'll have to write an app for that. Anyway, here we go.


* Edited to include larger pics.


**Edit - In honor of Robb adding this to his facebook, I'm adding three more pictures to the end of the post!


I took over 300 photos tonight, and the 8 hour drive was worth every minute to see the trains on board! The front car appears to still be missing, but the equipment is in place to lift it into position.


Notice on the transfer track the wheel stops at the end. I couldn't get a real good angle, but don't see brakes or drive motors inplace on the transfer tracks. I'd hate to think they were going to push these beasts in and out! But as we all know, that won't be the case.


The OMFG! First Drop









new electrical and sensor going in












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I think I understand the reasoning behind putting those fiberglass "windows" on the sides of the train.


Look at the clearance of the supports in some of those 90 degree turn photos. It looks like people would just be able to reach their hands out and grab them!



While I am intrigued by much of this ride including its big drop and turns, I am starting to worry that the tight maneuvers and quick elements may become a problem for this ride in the long run. However, I am will to keep it to myself until the ride is open and actually having problems. Until then, best of luck to the guys at SFoT and I am looking forward to riding this puppy ASAP! It looks AMAZING!

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It is kind of a shame Psyclone was torn down before this was an option that coaster could have been insane had it been given the same treatment

If you want to know what P-clone could've been, get yourself to Coney Island.

The Coney Island Cyclone isn't much better than Psyclone was. The only thing it has going for it is nostalgia and it's not as sluggish. But I'd say it was equally as brutal.


Anyway, back on topic... thanks for posting those pics Chad! Seriously, if that thing rides even half as sick as it looks I really hope a good 20-30 other woodies get this treatment!



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It's been a long time since I've looked at pictures of a ride and thought "Wow, I might actually be kind of scared to ride that."


This is one of those rides. Holy crap. There are so many NFW moments in those pictures, I'm still waiting for the bomb to drop and SFOT to let us all in on the joke that this isn't real, just a big PR scam. It just looks so.... wrong!


Thanks to everyone who posted pics!

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Thanks for posting the pics! This ride truly looks EPIC, and certainly will plan a visit to Texas next year. I also concur these great elements supported by mostly wood does make me wonder how the ride will hold up over the long haul. Time will tell.

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Yeah this is looking like one beast of a coaster just think they turned IMO the biggest POS on the planet beside Mean Streak into a number #1 looking coaster. Any one sure Intamin had no part in the making of this coaster lol cuz it looks like some as sick as they'd design.


Speaking of wood/steel will they need a new catagory in the polls b/c I beleave if it rides anywhere as good as it's looking then this is going to be the #1 hybrid in the world lol Or do they put wooden structured steel coasters in the steel poll?

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I think I was sporting a chub taking it all in, it's been 6 weeks since my last visit and I was ready to walk up the stairs and hop on!


A few more things to note now that I'm awake. There appears to be no track left in the parking lot. All of the remaining track that I was able to see is located next to the ride by the NFW OMFG verticle turn, which, makes sense! The "magic carpet" looks stellar, especially with the lights bouncing off it at night. Also, it doesn't look like they've started the catwalk in places where they've noted it will be, but that shouldn't take too long to install. A little more than 3 months until opening, I'm confident after looking it over yesterday that they will make it.


To me, it makes sense to get one of the trains loaded on the track to check for issues in the maintenance bay as well as begin any training the mechanics may need. They could also use it to set sensors in the station, etc. I'd say realistically, mid to end month the track work will be complete

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Speaking of wood/steel will they need a new catagory in the polls b/c I beleave if it rides anywhere as good as it's looking then this is going to be the #1 hybrid in the world lol Or do they put wooden structured steel coasters in the steel poll?



It will be the first coaster to top both the steel and the wooden coaster polls at the same time.

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Is anyone else getting scared about thos messed up supports in that (over)banked turn? I can't help myself getting the feeling that it might just all collapse when a train is going trough there


No not at all. They are going to be basically reimbursing and building all the structure thoroughly over the off season. i can guarantee you. These are the people that actually built multiple coasters, some with very high forces such as el toro. They know what they are doing, they have seen what is needed in order for a ride to handle forces.

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I'm hoping Cedar Fair is taking notes! Mean Streak and Son of Beast comes to mind!

Why??? Don't you get it? Texas Giant used to be an AWESOME coaster "back in the day" and the goal of this project is to revive that. I don't think Mean Streak or Son of Beast were ever "awesome" coasters. Why give a mediocre coaster in the first place this treatment? Give this treatment to a coaster that ONCE was great...awesome...amazing...but has since turned to crap.


Just think about what Timber Wolf, Ghostrider, or even Colossus would be like if they actually went back to those original designs, and did nothing but gave it this treatment. All of a sudden you'd have coasters like Ghostrider, which can't even crack the top 50 anymore, becoming a top 10 ride again. What about SFOG's Cyclone? Holy crap, can you imagine what that ride would be like if it had this makeover???


This all of course, is making the assumption that this treatment is going to rock and change the wood coaster world forever....

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^^Robb, I TOTALLY agree! There are plenty of coasters that were EPIC in their day - and this would be awesome (providing it works like it should.) The SFoG Cyclone, with that amazing airtime, but without broken/brused ribs... Amazing. Or coasters like The Boss, that seem to have an amazing and huge layout, but are just plain painful.



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I guess I am lucky to have only ridden the Georgia Psyclone in year one, sorry to here of it's condition now. My uncle was a carpenter on Mean Streak so I would love to see it get better, it would require some imagination and reprofiling for sure. I personally never rode Texas Giant but the new one looks incredible. I agree with others who have said the ride actually looks scary, great job!!


Thanks for the pictures they are awesome.

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