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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

P.. 420: Pirates of Speelunker Cave announced for 2022!

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A few days behind here but I finally got my shots from Sunday afternoon ready for everyone. I do apologize, I have a crummy camera and I got there at a tough time of day for good lighting. Oh well! Enjoy!


For anyone who didn't catch it on facebook here is Six Flags support for the Rangers. Sad they lost but SF Giant will be good fun!


not much has changed in the strange ledger department over here where the old helix is shifting from inside to out on the old structure


you can see they closed up the gap after the first drop where they were running the crane through to get into the old helix area.


They still need to get one leg of track in back there but you can see the approach to the low turn. Looks crazy!


Here you can see the crazy airtime that will surely be coming on the new approach into the old helix section.


Here is a more head on look at the drop into the old helix from the train station.


And the wildest shot I got is the approach to the turn under the lift. How bizzar does that look? Very excited!


and finally here are the ledgers in the "that which we do not speak of" section.

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I was just looking at pictures of the trains again, and noticed that the entire front of the train is actually a zero car like you see on a B&M coaster. I figured with the crazy transitions it would have trailored cars but thought the lead car was one solid piece (with just the front wheels on a seperate axis) until now. Anyone else notice it before? Look carefully at this photo in front of the lap bars. http://coastercon.com/html/giant_c_46.html

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I was cycling through the pics on that site (and there are some great ones!) and ran up on this:



Probably just a bad angle, but the lift hill looks like it's about to fall over sideways.


Hehe for a second I thought "When did they build that crazy looking hill on the right?"


Then I realised it was Titan....

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Woah! That's the first I've seen of the seats on he train. What's with the side windows? Are the supports really that close that they feel the need to box us in? It reminds me of the horse blinders on American Eagle. I'm really looking forward to this ride more than any other in a long time.


* Nevermind, I jumped back to page 104 of the thread for full discussion of the windows.

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Again I really really really hope this thing is a HUGE success so that other ageing giant wooden coasters out there have the opportunity to get re-designed and re born. I mean the besides the fact that the drop is taller and steeper and the ride will hopefully be smoothed out the new layout/design looks incredible. It looks like whoever designed it has actually ridden a lot of coasters and designed in some great elements like the double up and the airtime hill and the low to the ground tight steep turns. I think the new layout looks as unique and aggressive as any coaster layout in the world.

I don't know what I more excited about the new Texas Giant or the possibility of a new Mean Streak/Son of Beast/Rattler etc etc. If Son of Beast gets rebuilt with this kind of drop and unique layout it could easily be the top 10 coaster that it never was.

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